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  1. drug schedule? i have a beer schedule this weekend: saturday: whatever beer in brussels sunday: whatever beer in brussels monday: whatever beer in brussels
  2. shit all. actually i spent yesterday listening to adam buxton's podcasts with jonny, that was cool.
  3. i was sad cos it was my 7th day of being all alone at home! my girlfriend was off sunning herself in france and i have 0 friends in dublin! but i was not sad for too long, for i looked at that pic then played some Far Cry so thanks!
  4. it's wednesday, i forgot to make my lunch last night. for fuck sake. what kind of cheese?
  5. I took Monday off, girlfriend was away on holiday Saturday morning, incredibly boring weekend because I don't really have any friends in Dublin, but I still would like more days off so I can be bored at home.
  6. back from a long weekend in london. not bad. saw sights, took a river bus, saw pearl jam.
  7. hold on a minute. there are people who are still getting paid by an actual cheque?!
  8. goddamnit. payday tomorrow but the next one isn't until the 30th of june - in the meantime, new rent to pay, new shit to get for the house, and a holiday in london. ffs.
  9. wtf?! thankfully we've a nice enough place for €1350 in a nice dublin area, with a tennis court. saw another one closer to the centre on monday, literally an apartment for ants for more money. fuck off mate.
  10. estate agents are very annoying. i want to move in on the 1st, not the 23rd!
  11. happy birthday alan! i was 31 on friday past, which was celebrated with a pizza and then a lot of things that the mrs wanted to do. but i watched some snooker.
  12. i have some work to do, but i dont want to do it, so im bored
  13. seems i last posted on the 21st of december? well. christmas/new years was busy as shit, then january was a shit-show at work. the boss stopped coming in, then got made redundant at the end of the month, 2 days before a week's holiday in edinburgh - which was EXCELLENT. i then accepted a shit job that i didnt want, but went to anyway for a few weeks, all the while working my absolute arse off to get a better one. that finally happened 4 weeks ago, and so i have moved to dublin in a nice accountancy role, on the way to being qualified
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