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  1. there wasn't much mayonnaise on my sandwich today, wtf thom
  2. i think op is asking if jonny can play all dem instruments or does he just know how to play them for certain songs. and im pretty sure we've had this thread
  3. but obviously they can, maybe they just dont like any bigger places in those cities, maybe they were unable to book them, who knows
  4. but either way, i understand the point of view, but it's silly to get annoyed at what sort of people are going to certain shows
  5. they don't "have" to do anything. they play the shows that they think suit what they want. though you did say that it's a bunch of "fucks" there instead of "their fans". that's just silly. there are plenty of radiohead fans at the festival shows, too. and if there are people there who aren't, so what? maybe they then will be
  6. so only "true" radiohead fans are allowed to go to the shows? that's absolutely absurd. maybe they enjoy playing those shows too, and want to give more people a chance to come see them
  7. it's not a horrendous song, i just don't find anything exciting in it. it's like a calm, dirty lake
  8. weird fishes is properly snoozeville, but in rainbows wins definitely. it's a case of the bends has the bends, street spirit, iron lung, fake plastic trees, and just as stand out tracks and in rainbows has every song except weird fishes as stand out tracks
  9. did it. but now i feel silly cos all my answers were no/0
  10. this post was a Rollercoaster of emotion, but one of those tiny kid ones. thx tj
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