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    Blow Out--Gagging Order:Acoustic Version
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    Ok Computer
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    Miles Davis, Blockhead,Millionyoung White Stripes, Animal Collective, Black Keys,Beatles,etc.
  1. I just wanted to rock out a little more. Anyone else? They gotta grow up, though; they have kids now. So they just picked up where they left off during their Amnesiac/Kid A times in which electronic music was really seeping through. This is the refined, mature, beautiful RH. And you're gonna like it, whether you like it or not!
  2. that's all we gotta say.thread is over. nice job.
  3. it just sounds so nasty,sexy,raw, and contains that awesome early but great sound of RH and you can just hear what jonny is up to ,and smell the future.
  4. it's so hard to do that! they are all pretty good.
  5. the only reason I even listen to this song is bc of that solo as well,nothing else.
  6. ...but!What is your fave Jonny solo and why? I Love Inside My head's solo,and it is officially my fave,specifically the one from a Chicago show in '93...wow.It's short but amazing to me.
  7. This is my 1000th time listening to it,and it sounds a little Amnesiachish,I'm just weird.I love it nonetheless
  8. National anthem,in my car ,as everyone stares at me like wtf is wrong with this little girl?
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