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    (sign says: apply here excellent employees -only-)

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    i scanned some more pics today from the last couple rolls i got developed. i don't really know if i like them or why i put them together like this but ok.
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    click 4 biggr
    i haven't done any editing but i hope you guys don't mind!
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    ok let's try this again
    polish flowers
    come inside my room tonight.
    i will take your singing voice at the door;
    i will wash your feet in polish flowers;
    and we will talk about old lovers.
    how you slept nude in their honey bedsheets -
    hair fondling the carpet like Rapunzel’s dream
    while you were the cherry pyre in his teeth
    that spit a grey constellation;
    a highway’s whisper divorced from concrete.
    let us
    wrap each other in old vacation maps,
    sitting before the television’s pneumonic stutter,
    prescriptions wrapped upon the dresser.
    shed these last seconds of day
    in this sheet music of the planet’s fingerprints;
    bottle of merlot still-burning.
    now there is just the folklore
    and great mythology of your embrace
    that i’ve heard people say through a web of ears
    was like Apollo dragging his tail ‘round niagra falls.
    it waits and it winks from behind a veil of smiles;
    a subjective love,
    a fond crushing where
    pomegranate juice creeps through fingers and
    obscures my stranger lips
    while your head remains sold to the heavens.
    this telephone’s cut, this television’s gone dumb,
    there are cherubs in the attic,
    and the moon is still Caesar:
    fusing a dagger with his own hysterical throat
    behind locked doors and clouds and trumpets.
    open the window; your language is snow
    piling up on my shoulders.
    wearing a dress of journal tongues
    where timid ash accents every seam,
    i feel that i’m but one more dream of yours
    scheduled to drive south by the morning.
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    35mm isnt dead yet.
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