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  1. This video is not available. OBV but yeah that was the one, such a great song ^^ i think something like monthly would be better for me but i'll try
  2. i have failed this thread so much damm and now there is no way to know which song brandon picked for me
  3. thanks rosie^^ one step closer to mastering bézier curves
  4. here's a thing i did for school obv it needs more details and shadows and stuff but w/e. also lol@left bus that stretches out for like eternity.
  5. that is such a kind thing to say, thanks a lot. also you mean here as in here this thread or here on mt. you friended me yet i don't have a clue as to who you are so you gotta stick around. saw you posting an excerpt of that grimes interview on tlmep, are you from quebec or just like the biggest grimes fan or both
  6. so i got 25/25 onehundredmotherfuckingpercent on the poster thing. seriously tho i don't get it like is this program a joke or something. but man thank you mortigitempo also also Holy Shit last time i had 100% i was in 3rd grade i think
  7. that is so awesome hannah, can't wait to see the final thing are those 2 upper panels too much? i know they need work but idk i just don't bother, it's due on monday x___x the text reads "on april 22nd, celebrate the earth" or something also thanks blackjacket, changed the color from navy to black. i think it's much more better that way what to put in the bubble i have no idea
  8. thanks for your comments. yeah coloring in photoshop is very fun, i love it. it's less anxiogenic than traditional drawing in a sense that you can always go back if you fuckup and don't like the way things look. i've tried the magnetic lasso tool and oh my god it's a real nightmare, the way it sticks to you and doesn't want to let go like ever. i feel like the line's all jittery too but yeah maybe i just don't know how to use it. i'll experiment with the others. i've tried using the same colors as used in the original lichtenstein's one. maybe i should make it more um personal? i was thinking about making the borders more thicker at certain specific places. the bear does need some coloring but i feel like i don't know where to start, idk. anywayyy post your drawings guysss
  9. i don't know, i don't really like the way the waves turned out. they don't really look like flowing waters to me. i think the paw looks weird too. i used a mix of lasso/polygonal lasso tool to select the different areas. maybe there's a faster way to do that?
  10. really not sure about it ;__; also is it normal for it to take like a whole day only to have the basic colors done oh my god, feels like i have to redo the paw but ugh uhg uhgughughhghhhhh also whoops totally forgot to color an area
  11. yeah, this is supposed to be a pastiche of lichtenstein's drowning girl. noradiohead. i'm gonna color it digitally or at least try. i've got a basic knowledge of photoshop and almost no illustrator notions so yeah.
  12. blackjacket did you ever finish that drawing? really scary, love them cupcakes. something i've to do for class. we gotta make a poster for earth day based on either pop art, russian constructivism, de stijl or propaganda posters, this is a pretty cool assignement tbh. mine turned out being nothing more than a mess of lines also what's up with that paw. i hope it'll get better when digitized/colored. shout out to marcos drowning girl
  13. would that be too cliché/corny or just like, worst idea ever to name a used bookstore/music store apollo or apollon if we wanna french things up? their logo would be something like: but better obv this is really preliminary work lyre is pronounced the same way as lire in french and lire means to read GEDDITw would you buy books from this place man this is real bad huh x__x oh mannn i guess it is GOGO GADGET OSELFDESTRUCT
  14. thanks and the thing on the easel well it's neither, i shamelessly stole a picture from the internet and transfered it to wood w gel medium, i wanted to use that technique for a gift but never got around to it so that was kindof a first try to see how it works and stuff. i don't think it looks too bad tho, maybe i'm just gonna paint the borders black or something and leave it as is.
  15. ♥ just gotta try to finish one thing before starting something else for once
  16. bunch of unfinished/unloved birds ;_;
  17. thanks and yeah i feel like it needs some quoting on this page aswell i mean wow the colors! so vibrant
  18. thanks! i think it's my fav too! not sure if it shows but it's got glitter!
  19. dear your art, let me introduce you to my portfolio: My Portfolio this one called ~*Fireworks Over A Satin Night Sky*~ this one called MArio Won't Save You: Princess Castle, unfinished this one idk Ode to Baphomet (i'm a Rebel Klown w/ a firework moustache) thank you and hope u all like my work
  20. your poems yes sorry i will add you on tumblr but i don't update mine anymore and only have like 4 posts or so. but yeah keep us posted about your ep, i'm genuinely interested in buying one
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