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  1. no, i liked the slower bridge. the line about a bowl of glue especially. i'm talking about after it speeds back up and you sing the chorus again, an instrumental jam following the last words. idk, it just seemed like it would be a natural release.

  2. these are both solid tunes, but blah blah blues is definitely the standout. the hook in the chorus got me for sure. some good lyrics on there too, although you could maybe work on singjng them clearer, seeing as how they are important to the songs, because sometimes the words get muddled. i agree that bbb would sound good with a full band. this is just an opinion/idea, but after the last chorus i pictured the song chugging along instrumentally for a little bit, instead of that slowdown stop you have in there.

  3. i used to always do stereo mixes, throwing tracks all over the place left n right, hard panning, double tracking in seperate ears, and everything. then i switched to a single track recording style which was obviously mono. now i'm back to multitracking, but i'm sticking with the mono method. to me it just sounds more together, or solid, or live, or something.


    thoughts? what do you do? what would you do? what is marc summers doing?

  4. goddamn, thanks for so many words. i was in a bad mood yesterday, so that's why i was being snappy. anyway i'm glad you gave it such a close and thorough listen. my stuff means a lot to me and therefore it means a lot to me when people show it respect and give it time. thanks, you made me smile.

  5. ok i got more to say, kafka. the lyrics are v important. this album hinges on them. so yeah maybe you weren't listening enough.


    idk what i'm supposed to take away from the energy comment. i wrote Fear of Sucess when i was 23, burned out stoned riding my bike all day no child no serious job, i mean wtf? i'm 28 now and my life is completely different. i've made 2 lps and 3 eps since then. it's like wanting Radiohead to write The Bends again.

  6. risks? seriously? 90% this album is super straightforward.


    you are a good songwriter, tj, but i gotta be honest i can't enjoy the vocals. i get no feeling out of them. i can't connect.


    like a couple other people said, these songs would sound better with more layers. while they are well structured and interesting enough melodically, i don't find enough variation in tge guitar playing to keep my interest locked. my favorite parts were all of the ones where another instrument was added.


    these tracks are well recorded. they sound live like i'm hearing them at a bar or whatever. that's good.

  7. thank you. i'm glad you like them. i do feel like they are better than the old ones. more refined or something. idk.


    i had the text bigger but then i edited the post and everything shrank!

  8. a small morning

    i am slow sliding underneath your eyelids. icicle fingernails, smooth skin, mixing with your breath in blues and greys. smudged against the forest landscape, making footprints in time, dragging a pine branch behind me to cover them. it is home here everywhere. i cannot complain. your mouth slips into a smile, cutting the breeze, cold knife.



    why wouldn’t i exist, y’know? i fold my legs and your vocal vibrations sound nice to my ears. let’s do this as long as we can. if other people don’t want to admit they feel the heat rising off the earth, that’s their problem. i found some magnetic letters and stuck them on the fridge in the shape of my name. i opened the fridge and the light turned on. i don’t know what other people are thinking and that’s ok, because i can listen to the air conditioner play a two note symphony forever.



    i found my body laying

    on the concrete cold

    knife cut open i carved

    out what’s broken peeled

    back the eyelids and

    placed a dead dog

    under my tongue

    i saw my self burning

    my leftover skin

    and smashed in my

    skull to prevent any

    more thoughts from

    escaping into the night

    i crept on all fours

    across the glistening

    silence and glimpsed

    my hand strangling

    my useless rhythms

    in beautiful motion

    i dreamt i was

    a figment of my

    bruised imagination

    flickering across the

    lake for a minute

    and then nothing



    a fly lands on my forehead.

    i flick it away.


    50 flies land gracefully on my forehead.

    i move to another state.


    i’m making big money

    selling glass statues

    to people with no hope

    of ever tying their shoes.

    i’m creating my own

    chance at chipping off

    a piece of the big puzzle.

    i’m running in circles

    wider and wider

    and my head

    splits open

    and two

    is not





    i squeeze through

    keyholes in the night

    spilling my sweet blood

    everywhere for anyone

    who may want to taste

    a little different again.

    do you know who i am?

    you’ve seen me before.

    we talked for hours

    and no flies ever landed

    anywhere near us.


    green evening

    i’m sliding out of the water into the ocean with one hand in my pocket

    the sky is green, the water is green, my breath is green, the sun is green, the wind is green too

    i can feel the music echoing from shoreline shacks and rooms

    i slip under the sound and hear your name in a shell ringing clear


    night ritual

    sometimes my skin feels wrong, like my body belongs to someone else. so i wait for the night to roll in, and i climb out through the mouth. the air welcomes my new shape with infinite arms. the wind whispers me out the window. the stars speak their secrets. ripples on the dark glass water. a heron on the shore. branches point their fingers forever. i am the cloud that hides half of the moon. you are asleep in your silence.



    pistachios are the seashells of the nut kingdom. if you put your ear to the open hole you hear blades of grass rubbing against each other. if you rub the back gently it feels good. when i think of pistachios i move my eyebrows upward about 2mm. i listen for you to crack open a pistachio with your teeth and then eat it. i am patient and you are hungry. i have a whole pile of pistachios in my lap and i’m sitting here with them. if you put half of a pistachio shell to your ear you can hear a cat dream and that is probably the best part of all.

  9. sometimes i charge $5 for them, sometimes i just give them away for free. it really doesn't make a difference monetarily. it's such a small amount of money that no real substantial profit is made (although having $20 sitting in a paypal account has saved me a couple times when i was broke). i think there is an advantage to charging just a little bit of money, like $3 or $5, because it shows the consumer that you think your art is worth something. exposure is the most important thing though, and sometimes i'll just hand someone a cd because of that.


    i think you are correct about making a good impression, too. quality packaging goes a long way to grabbing people's interest in hearing what's inside. i know i've personally bought albums almost completely based on the cover artwork before.


    thanks for your words. and good luck with your project. it's so rewarding to finally finish a whole cd w/ music and artwork, the whole package.

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