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  1. hey man

    keep up the good work

    keep smilin

    whats your name?

  2. Roger Mindwater - Another Morning In France


    round 3!

  3. this is how it should be, this is how it is


    for round 2

  4. this is my submission for the battle

    Bean Pie Blues: http://www.mediafire.com/?ctm1r4rtiom

    i do not submit to you though

  5. you wanna take over the mt writing critique thread ?

    oh this is janel btw i'm on my hubby's sn - anyway i have no patience for tasks like this and you seem enthusiastic abt it so if you don't want to i am kind of thinkin of letting it go anyway.

  6. alright, who wrote "the moon rules #1" on my car?

  7. i don't have anything ready, so no. but if i throw something together soon i'll let you know. for the future critiques.

  8. i'm roger? alright sounds good to me.

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