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  1. i don't have anything ready, so no. but if i throw something together soon i'll let you know. for the future critiques.

  2. i'm roger? alright sounds good to me.

  3. hey man

    keep up the good work

    keep smilin

    whats your name?

  4. you wanna take over the mt writing critique thread ?

    oh this is janel btw i'm on my hubby's sn - anyway i have no patience for tasks like this and you seem enthusiastic abt it so if you don't want to i am kind of thinkin of letting it go anyway.

  5. Roger Mindwater - Another Morning In France


    round 3!

  6. this is how it should be, this is how it is


    for round 2

  7. this is my submission for the battle

    Bean Pie Blues: http://www.mediafire.com/?ctm1r4rtiom

    i do not submit to you though

  8. alright, who wrote "the moon rules #1" on my car?

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