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  1. if anything they've probably gained a little weight in their old age
  2. they're getting older. they've never been a band to crank out an album every year so it's no surprise that it takes them 4-5 years now. i don't think being independent has anything to do with that. it must be nice though, to not have to worry about any deadline at all. so maybe it has resulted in rh taking a more leisurely approach to their music.
  3. really? it's a two minute ambient piece after a few minutes of silence after MPS.
  4. what about everything being in one small forum. maybe have only the last 25 topics still alive, and then they just fall off the bottom of the list and die.
  5. do you have to be up hearing all of this? i can't go backwards i just have to run with what i've put down on the paper yessir, no backwards no more
  6. man, oh your making me lemon jealous
  7. the problem is, the reason everyone's fooled is cause phil IS a machine.
  8. i burned an audio cd in realplayer and it's workin! i'm listenin right now to those drums in Bloom. phil's gotta be in there somewhere, doncha think? half phil half machine... i dunno about the size issue. i've been burning wav cd's of my own music for years now and it's always worked no problem. so i dunno about your size issues.
  9. yeah i already am talkin to it with my hand through her stomach. it doesn't say much yet.
  10. alright i got it to work, you can use this thread for whatever you want now!
  11. i tried to burn a cd copy of the wav files, and it wouldn't let me. said something about the files missing burn rights. how do i do this???
  12. i don't have anything ready, so no. but if i throw something together soon i'll let you know. for the future critiques.

  13. i'm roger? alright sounds good to me.

  14. hey man

    keep up the good work

    keep smilin

    whats your name?

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