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  1. Just thinking out loud: Dubliners/Pablo Honey Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man/The Bends Ulysses/OK Computer Finnegans Wake/Kid A fin/contd. Also: King Of Limbs and Ulysses? Bloom: Leopold Bloom Lotus Flower: Lotus Eaters Ehh, nevermind. That's about it for that.
  2. Oh and it's definitely one of my favorites!
  3. Consumerism might be a small part of it, but I think the song's really about lying to yourself, pretending to be something you're not in order to fit in or be happy or whatever. Part of that is consumerism but I think the song takes a broader stance.
  4. It sounds too much like the Portishead song "Silence" for me to really enjoy it.
  5. It's alright. Whenever it comes on I always forget what song it is until it really gets going, then I'm like, "oh yeah!" The only part that's better in the studio version than the live one is the harmony when he sings "glows... in... the dark..."
  6. When he hits that D chord on the piano... mmmmmmmmmmm.
  7. Lots of talent here! I just got a new scanner so I'm scanning a lot of stuff. Here are a few things I've sketched recently:
  8. I'm actually working on getting a comic book career started. Here's an example of some non-computer work (black space was left at the bottom to make room for speech bubbles): lol I actually make chocolate. A meltdown would be delicious. More? A stenciled Optimus Prime: Star Wars fans do it in under 12 parsecs Who lives there? Oh it's just Nosferatu Mm, soothing. My favorite animal Anyone for cake?
  9. I'm glad you guys enjoy these, it only just occurred to take pictures before I delete them in case anybody might get a kick out of them. I won't get fired though, I'm like a ninja. A pretty girl: Snikt! Magneto My favorite comic book: Will they make it?? Kid's a boss They got one
  10. This is what I do to amuse myself at my boring-as-shit third shift job at a factory. Thought some people here might get a kick out of it. Some superhero I invented: I call this guy Jokersaurus: A blue brick??? Why the hell not. Another superhero of my own invention: Just a sunset: Game over, man: The Libation Of Adam: Hope you like.
  11. I'm really really digging the accoustic guitar version of Motion Picture Soundtrack. "Beautiful angel, pulled apart at birth..." disturbs me deeply. In a good way.
  12. I looked out my window and saw two dogs humping.
  13. Someone's gonna come and clean it up, born and raised for the job, someone always does
  14. LOL these are great. Don't look down, shove it in your mouth
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