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  1. nice one lewis did you get in ok? w e were late and olny got to the gate at airbag, but it was pretty quick in.
  2. sorry if you couldn't make it there tonight that was boss. :ninja: apart from the usual whoppers
  3. ha ha happy memories of that day include getting pissed on by a bunch off pissed/fucked up teenagers trying to piss in a pint pot they'd put on the floor. i felt old and sober.
  4. no it's a fucking shithole and they charge too much
  5. just paid £75 for 4 tickets for the next round of the fa cup. that's sold out now too. it's all entertainment isn't it? that's what everyone keeps telling us.
  6. m'cr rip off £65 ea & +10%. goodness me.
  7. damm


    are you fucking shitting me i fuckingh love muse this is great
  8. www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKjJ4GWyL3U actually i think that's muse
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