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  1. Optimistic and In Limbo are the meat and potatoes of Kid A, come on folks.
  2. 1. Street Spirit (Fade Out) 2. Pearly* 3. Airbag 4. Life in a Glasshouse 5. Go to Sleep 6. Lucky 7. Present Tense 8. Karma Police 9. My Iron Lung 10. Like Spinning Plates 11. Motion Picture Soundtrack 12. Climbing up the Walls 13. Let Down 14. Sail to the Moon 15. Kid A 16. Jigsaw Falling Into Place 17. Bloom 18. A Wolf at the Door 19. Pyramid Song 20. Morning Bell 21. Morning Bell/Amnesiac 22. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box 23. Optimistic 24. In Limbo 25. Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was
  3. 1. OK Computer 2. The Bends 3. Hail to the Thief 4. Amnesiac 5. Kid A 6. A Moon Shaped Pool 7. In Rainbows 8. The King of Limbs 9. Pablo Honey
  4. I am a baby, at least that's what yo mama called me last night WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
  5. Present Tense is definitely the best track on this mawfucka, I'll probably change my mind again though. The Bends - OK Computer is still the best Radiohead phase tho
  6. Changed my mind, Present Tense is the best song.
  7. This album is definitely better suited for headphones.
  8. It's definitely a completely different vibe, gonna give the album another listen.
  9. Dude, where is the desperation in Thom's voice when he sings "don't leave", come on bro.
  10. True Love Waits lacks the raw emotion of the acoustic version. Not sure if the piano was the best option. Meh.
  11. The studio version of Present Tense is 100x better than the live ones I've heard.
  12. Now that I know your name I will do my job as a proper stalker and friend you on Facebook.
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