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  1. It definitely is in it ;0) https://www.radiohead.com/library#ir/2009-08-23-live-in-prague
  2. I'm surprised (and let's be honest a bit proud) that they put the Live in Praha video in their Library
  3. AtEase is back for few months now : http://atease.radioheadnews.com/
  4. At first i was dissapointed too and i had this old version in my head and some others too. But i finally and quickly love this one. You have to just let it go, let yourself float with it, it will get to you, you 'll see. Watching this video i've seen others and this one is sweet, very simple : This intro to EIIRP has maybe one of the best variations, it would have been a great way to explore it again. We still can have another studio version on the next album ;0)
  5. I've answered the questionnaire. I smiled at the question about Radiohead contributing to fan video project ;0)
  6. News Zomb torrents for the MKV and HD Quicktime files on the Download page. I'm having some troubles with the PLG ones, should follow soon i hope.
  7. I'm sorry but we won't share the audio masters. But as you see people have already ripped the audio from the video ;0)
  8. Here it is finally, one year after this show in Prague on the 23rd august 2009. We are sorry for this long wait but i'm sure you'll forgive us when you'll see the suprise we were keeping from you and which will make this DVD a unique one All the informations and download links here : http://radiohead-prague.nataly.fr/ Edit : All torrents ready, download page on the website updated.
  9. How couldn't i liked it All your voices together is one of the point that make the songs amazing, i really love that and the melody and your energy, guys. I'm really impatient to see you again (on the 1st october at the EMB). (Listening to your albums right now.)
  10. Are you from Syd Matters? I was at the Charlotte's show on friday (so you met Nigel after your show before Charlotte?) and my friend and i really love what you did guys. It was fantastic (shouldn't say that but i even enjoyedyour show more than Charlotte's one... ;0). Andi was the light engineer for Charlotte, i was surprised and happy to see him on stage preparing the ligths. We went and talked to him after the show and talking about Radiohead shows he said maybe next year with a little mysterious smile
  11. I'm sorry i completely forgot to keep you update. Maybe you've found those videos on other boards or directly on youtube but here are the news about the DVD of the Prague show : For Christmas we released a little trailer to show how things were going and to give an idea of the full release date : So March has arrived but we are still working on and the final released will surely be for late march or april, so to help you wait again and to show you how the guys are working on the editing, here is a full edited song, 2+2=5 : I hope next time i'll post it will be to announce the release of the DVD
  12. Wahoo the show was filmed! Maybe it's a video some of you already have? I have nothing about this show.
  13. Hehe i was just on on your right then (well on the right of the red hair girl if i remember well). The tall guy looking at the stage is a friend of mine i'm on his left (but not on the pic, surely hidden by him). Yes, memories.... Edit : if you want the HQ version to keep as a souvenir ;0) http://www.cgm.pl/_photo_vault/radiohead/b/3.jpg
  14. There are pictures of Sharona with Jonny at one of his music performance. You can see her clearly and those pictures can be found easily i think. Edit : I'm not 100% sure it her but i think i recognise her. I would recognised his soon easily ^^
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