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  1. I think he would cringe at touching lol
  2. I'm pretty sure situations like these inspired this song..
  3. fyi http://www.consumeraffairs.com/retail/official-online-tickets.html
  4. Ticket availability: Immediate: Prices have doubled in 10 minutes...lol Im scurd http://centercamden.com/Tickets-Active.php?eventID=1842607&venueID=131 Available 3/8/12 unknown time waste-central: http://www.radiohead.com/tourdates/13-06-12_camden-nj Available 3/10/12 10 am EST: this is the live nation/ticketmaster link reasonable prices: http://www.livenation.com/event/0200485DE915A55E?artistid=763468&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=60
  5. Hey there! I will be going to the Camden show with my hubby. =D! I found tickets already here: http://centercamden.com/Tickets-Active.php?eventID=1842607&venueID=131 They are a bit more expensive than I remember but um...do you think I should get them now or wait for the pre-sale on 3/8? Do you think they'll be cheaper or do you think I will have a hell of a time and should just go 4 it?! I DO NOT wanna miss this time! Me & hubby have been saying we were gonna see them for years now. This is gonna be the night of my LIFE LMAO!
  6. o dam lol well blah =p im tryin a lil bit
  7. Hey yall =) Finally I may have something to contribute.... have y'all noticed if you hover over the pics on TUS there seems to be something kinda funky about them. Kinda like a picture underneath? Not all are like this. This one is a good example. http://theuniversalsigh.com/photos/?photo=5061%2F5569572599_0d65d0317b.jpg The thumbnail of it on the homepage is weird.
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