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  1. tmonk

    2019 Other Music

    I was about to basically try to make this post again so instead I will just quote myself
  2. tmonk

    2019 Other Music

    I haven't listened to new neil young music but I have been really enjoying the archival live things he's been coming out with last few years
  3. tmonk

    2019 Other Music

    other day made this funny joke about the new neil young song rainbow of colors which was like, "rainbow of colors, that's like x of y" where x was a word and y was a plural noun of which x is by definition constituted, it was HILARIOUS and I wanted to post it here but I can't remember
  4. BUMP worst thing about the board dying was people not getting a chance to see my masterwork
  5. jonathan merged me back with tmonk, but it was "Beloved Aunt" which I think is a curb your enthusiasm reference and had one post which must've been a doozy of a joke since I made a whole account and burned my IRL email address to make it
  6. tmonk

    2019 Other Music

    I think a couple songs on the big thief album are super great but TBH I have trouble staying full engaged with it for the full album. I think the new song is another super great one
  7. tmonk

    2019 Other Music

    Is you favorite band sucks the guy who also does the country podcast? I listened to that one
  8. Tmonk, getting mistaken for spam since 2004.
  9. someone please send out the bat signal to Skuj, I need to pick his brain on subjecting small children to noise rock and free jazz!!
  11. tmonk

    2019 Other Music

    also I feel like the best way to predict if I'll like a new rap album is if the median age of all involved cracks 40 OH WELL
  12. tmonk

    2019 Other Music

    also very excited for Purple Mountains, I think all the teaser songs are basically perfect best case scenario for what a david berman song 30 years in might sound like
  13. tmonk

    2019 Other Music

    super excited for the Parsnip album though I gotta say trouble in mind is a great label but sometimes lately they have the habit of snagging a great band who then puts out an underwhelming record, Parsnip are the best though
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