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  1. probably not...if you're referring to me bringing you here and then you doing things in real life as a result...well, i can wager a guess as to what you're getting at
  2. i enjoy doing nothing way too much sometimes...some days are incredibly interchangeable, but that's when you break it up by doing something different. lately i've been saving up for the roo, which means doing less. the lineup does look amazing, i hope i don't miss david byrne or al green due to the fact that i'm volunteering.
  3. thanks jilly...your posts come from a place of experience, i enjoy reading your take on some things, specifically relationships. you kinda remind me of anne (acbc) a little bit...i wonder where she went, you guys would probably get along well
  4. thanks liz...haven't been doing much cept cab driving sporadically and jamming occasionally. then there's all the smokefilled nothingness in between which consumes a lot of the summer. things have been pretty decent overall...heading to bonnaroo next week, which should be a cool little adventure. i'm meeting up with faith (bright eyes), who used to post here a while ago. how've things with you been?
  5. my internet's been down, or else i would. i feel like once you're out of the social loop, it takes a while to get back into it, and i never feel like investing that time anymore. i figure i'll keep coming here sporadically forever, but i'm probably never gonna be a central part of this place like i used to be. fading into the background is alright for me, happens to everyone eventually
  6. boy am i irrelevant these days...guess i've gone off to that big internet messageboard in the sky...reality. sometimes i wish i knew what was going on though, i feel i'm permanently out of the loop here. oh well
  7. Sweet Jesus!

    MLB Thread

    tigers yet again have the best pitching in baseball. verlander is gonna battle greinke for the cy young all year...he's a strikeout machine right now. Edwin Jackson is probably going to be an all-star and Rick Porcello is the leading candidate for ROY right now. If bonderman comes back as the player he used to be, we'll probably be heading to the world series. Pitching always triumphs in the postseason. And fuck it, Dontrelle Willis hasn't looked too bad recently either. He's a pretty good fifth starter.
  8. the cavs are fucked and i love it next year lebron's gonna say all the right things to make it seem like he aint leaving, and then once they get ousted again, bye bye only way lebron stays a cav is if they win it next year.
  9. you can also freebase it by using tinfoil. light the bottom and use a straw to inhale the smoke. it can be harder to catch the smoke this way, which i had a problem with the second time i smoked it. but it worked fine the first time
  10. if you do it, make sure to have the proper set and setting. i kinda rushed into it on a spur of the moment decision, and i wasn't prepared for the trip at all. then again, i'm not sure you can prepare yourself for that kind of experience. you're accessing another realm of reality, something so far beyond any other experience you've had in your life. i couldn't fathom what i was seeing it felt as though i was in contact with some 'other', whether that's god or just a hallucination i'm not sure. it was incredibly profound, but also very overwhelming. i felt like i was dead, as i immediately passed through this red tunnel right after i exhaled the smoke. the room i was in faded away completely, and i was just staring at the most intensely beautiful geometric patterns...which were moving, and formed something familiar. like some hindu god. and after that point i don't really remember. it's not really something you can describe to another person either, because you can't even describe it to yourself. i did this about 3 months ago now, and i still can't really wrap my head around what i was seeing. in fact, i don't really remember most of it, because it wasn't logical at all. it's like a crazy dream...when you wake up, you'll be thinking about what the hell it means and all that, and then slowly as the day goes on you remember it less because it's not within the realm of normal experience. if you're interested about what dmt is like, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIWKmlvtzBQ
  11. bob odenkirk is perfect as saul, holy shit. most recent episode was fantastic...the way they filmed jesse getting high was perfect
  12. season 4 is absolutely flawless...still need to see season 3
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