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  1. oh man, thanks a lot . yeah, that video is almost a year old...i'm gonna do something in a few weeks at an actual comedy club and hopefully i'll get someone to tape it. i think i've improved quite a bit since that video...overall, still not that comfortable on stage. once that happens, my performances will improve greatly. seriously though that means a lot
  2. i would just like to say that i will soon be performing standup randomly in front of the bike machines at my school's athletic club...simply because there are NO places to perform in mt pleasant. bernie mac got his start doing standup on the L train in chicago, so fuck it. i'll be taping the performances and posting them here. should be awkward as hell, i can't wait the performances will have a workout theme to them: laugh your ass off, laugh your abs on. that is all.
  3. i agree. in rainbows is an alright album. admittedly, i only listen to a few songs from it now and then...reckoner's a great song. other than that, i dont listen to it all that much
  4. that's pretty awesome/horrifying. btw liff, did you check out the documentary (did anyone)? if not, whatever
  5. i think the reason bill hicks is so angry is because back in the late 80's, audiences weren't used to that kind of comedy...it was the peak of the reagan era and american audiences were fucking zombified idiots a lot of the time. if you watch his stand up during his time in england, he's more chilled. i admire the courage he displays by saying what he believes with full conviction in places like alabama and not giving a fuck.
  6. i like him quite a bit...don't watch his show too much, but his stand up is pretty funny. he's right on a lot of the time. personally, if i'm going for political stand up though, i prefer bill hicks...i guess you could say maher is more political overall, but hicks is my favorite stand up ever. maher's good though, probably should catch his show more often
  7. yeah, i'm gonna try and do this for a living, eventually...i don't expect to be good enough to get paid for another 3 or 4 years, honestly. i need to hone my shit for a long long time. i should have some clips over the next few weeks, if i can figure out how to post them from my tape recorder
  8. i've been doing it for almost a year now. my material's fairly good some of the time, but my stage presence sucks right now. gonna keep on truckin through to the promised land of barely making it by
  9. the grammy's tradition means something man. it's the grammys
  10. can't seem to figure it out. it's just audio, so i might have to convert it to another kind of file
  11. on the second track...diggin the baselines and the background noise feedback stuff you throw in there occasionally. reminds me of something i can't think of at the moment. good stuff though
  12. My friend andrew did this documentary for his audio production class about comedians at central michigan. Unfortunately, I ended up bombing at the open mic he taped...the parts he included were some of the worst responses. I did get some fairly good laughs, but they weren't included. whenever i get a full copy, i may post the entire thing...although i have yet to hear it so who knows how bad i actually did. losing my setlist killed me. and it may be featured on our local npr station, which i think would be...funny in a bad way but whatever. anyway, if you've got 20 minutes, give a go. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?myyjoeymckm the other guy's pretty good, btw.
  13. i think it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. if you have the goal of one day being able to live off your art, and no other form of income, of course how other people see your art will factor in. if you're doing it solely to do it without any expectations of that happening, then that's different. for me personally, i'm trying to do comedy, and laughter is definitely a shared art form. doing standup, i have to keep my audience in mind when i'm performing a bit. if i don't communicate my point clearly, i'll bomb...and if the idea itself sucks, or if i'm too nervous, i could also bomb. i definitely do standup for myself, but the artform itself is to share your viewpoint of the world in a way that is funny. that requires another person's input. standing on stage and doing it just for yourself...well, i'm no andy kauffman.
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