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  1. think pitol had an emotional moment where those two objects were in harmony and asks us to find harmonious pairs for ourselves or to find even other connections for his i listened to worrywort and i cant be of much help. maybe right now i could connect it to the movie lost in translation as i haven't seen it and that sorta works for me
  2. i will pay it on the condition that the interface of mt be replaced with a version of animal crossing that has towns that represent the subforums. and i become mayor of CG town. grt will still be very funny. so yea sure i will pay, but those conditions, they are important.
  3. i don't see any pony tail on that picture
  4. all i remember are /really_bored and /too_bored
  5. dude i dont even wanna fix it anymore sorry
  6. non mobile version, when i scroll theres white blocks taking up part of the screen, going over the topic lists. it didnt use to be like this, 3 days ago. i dont like to be the one to say this, but what can i do really
  7. so much beautiful stuff was cut from the game : (
    1. Hippopothomas J

      Hippopothomas J

      Man, that would have changed the pace of the game massively! I really dig that guy's videos, the ones he did on Pinwheel and Siegmeyer are really great.

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