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  1. Thank you for your calm and simplicity.
  2. Mmm- Eel poems really make the day slide by well. And I am glad to see new ones, too. The stuff you posted, penny, that's alright. IT seems like they use a shock factor that Eel quite doesn't need. But I am into the mundanity of life, if you can grasp what I mean by the word Mundanity.
  3. I wouldn't mind making a book of Eel poems and Ryan Space Poems.
  4. I had a teacher who published a few books. His name is Timothy Black. He published a book "connecticut shade" I really clicked with his work. Eel; they're telling you to polish, but I feel like a lot of your charm is that it is so rough. I like them rough. No Pun Intended, that's a happy accident. I like to pull up this thread and read through it while I run through this dialer at work.
  5. Smashing. I enjoy this.
  6. Give me break; I live in a college town at least 45 minutes away from anywhere that may possibly carry-- it was an online release. I can't use that excuse, can I? ... *is full of shame*
  7. I don't know.. I'm a fan of "Prove Yourself". Otherwise, "Worryworth" i don't hear much about.
  8. Thinking about you Planet Telex Lucky How to Disappear Completely (and never be found) Knives Out There There All I Need (haven't gotten my copy of the new one yet.) I think I would miss In Rainbows the most, with The Bends in a close second. That's where I had the most difficulty choosing a single song.
  9. i began searching the thread for my original post to just bump it, then I realized: that would only work if this was the original thread.
  10. Lathnes


    they modd'd me!! I had a great sig A GREAT one! and then someone said something.. now its gone.. all gone... OH NOES!
  11. i have a guitar. if you send me L500 i'll send it to you. "catfish?"
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