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  1. check out my man Citizen Cope doing Karma Police He was once quoted as saying RH Thom Yorke having soul
  2. Who knows what thom is saying just before SO LIGHT ONE UP SQUIRT He seems to be muttering something but can't make it out It was on video from pinkpop fwiw i'm over rh
  3. I have that version with good audio,but its on me iphone.. tell me how to get it to you and i do it in a few daze odman
  4. Went to Cruzan Sat nite to see the Police with Elvis Costello opening. A totally difft kinf od concert,,,,we were all dancing and singing..that didnt happen with Radiohead Dave Matthews next and then PearlJam also citizen cope at culture room and the cure at bankatlantic see some of you again soon ed
  5. I agree its sexist totally FYI i found his picture earlier
  6. So...we have a comic..huh well isee you that and raise you with this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsrRQNv-aT4 i dont think you can have a normal life after that Ed
  7. I and my group (9 of us) were at the wpb concert. (Lawn tix) we were the ones with lawn chairs...although we were standing most of the time. We drank,smoked chatted and had a great time. The average concertgoer was early to mid twenties. I can finally say: I saw radiohead.. next concerts for the group: Police Citizen Cope The Cure Pearl Jam Dave Matthews BTW Rasa emailed me...anyone remember her? she sent me a picture too, shes into Brand New nowadays Ed
  8. I've bought 5 tickets for the lawn at cruzan wpb,fl I'll be the fat oldman with the skinny old lady and our daughter and her bf and of course...the peruvian...to carry our lawn chairs... seeya there
  9. May 5th...cinco de maya..only lawn tix avail..i prefer that to the seating anyways. gonna go buy me 10 tix ..i think its $30 each.. I'll finally see them live ..yay oldman..still kickin in So Florida whos going..meet up somewhere?
  10. Yep.doesnt drink....now were in power play phase..the one whos weakest calls first..and i am master of my domain!!
  11. Is that good or bad?.Does that mean shes a intellectual or a manic depressive. The first date with her..yes cyber dates actually meet..but god its scary.brrrrr shes the toid one i've met...but the fact she likes RH means i 'll give her a opportunity to see me naked. Funny, i am such a whacko, i dont know what i said but she lifted her arm as to hit me..yes shes Irish, no she dont drink, no cats.tankgod..she loves coldplay..(disquailify her?). Whats step 2?..which RH music do i play her?..i know when were intimate i'll play LUCKY.and if she bitches me i'll play HOW TO DISAPPEAR.oh there are so many of these..i'll let you think of them....
  12. What do you get when you join a computer with a jewish girl? A computer that will never go down
  13. Nah the single life is for monks. A man needs a woman for sex,companionship and most of all...to clean up after him. Do you think i want to wash dishes?.fak no And wanking?.shite.that's for teenagers pimplefaced and always horny. I need a woman to stay regular at sex..yeah i'll respect her and all, but i want a submissive female this time. These Atype womwen are Bitches... Okay i've ranted.. So your squeezebox wants to nest eh?that means ,mogonomous life for you.. Question..do you want to live together? Ler her know, lay it on the line..ask her this..Whos the boss? Good luck man...Ed
  14. NO NO NO NO..oldman is an accident waiting to happen.. no secks yet............... me and york..thrown out..sheesh..wonder if shes a coldplay fan? so now i'm askin around for illegal alien females looking for a sugar daddy.. blackeyedangel..let me live my secks life thru your eyes.,,whats up?
  15. Aye caramba..my conversion process has backfired..I'm out!! Livin at my kids house..i'm sure i broke their bed support..sheesh.. Later today..will look at condo for sale.... Oldman needs a home My johnson is still attached, although i can hardly see him. He has been out of action...mmm...mmm..mmonths... thats a record for him..one that will live in infamy.. sorry Johnson for cutting you off . fill you in with details as they come in... Ed..out
  16. We watched the Oscars yest. She was on her bed and i was on a chaise next to it. Her chastity belt is made out of Titanium!!.. Nah..we just friends, until i blow up from stored frustrations.. When did i get old?...its as if i went to sleep at 27 and woke up at 54.. ahhhh life is a mindf--k..but there aint any other game in town..so..... The oldman.............................abides.
  17. Karma police? Street spirit? ok will do first tonite CHILI'S I want my baby back baby back ribs
  18. She said "WoW" to Yawkes creep,then his paranoid-android and loved glass house.Let down mesmerized her...Will keep you tuned.. I'm out of my house 30 days today..lost 10 pounds am feeling happy... Wish me well...
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