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  1. Yaaaay! Thank you VERY much, SkipDivided and Elijah! You guys rock.
  2. Guess who's back...? Back again. Wow, I haven't posted here in ages! It's weird to see my thread still going strong, heh. Okay, a few requests, I'm afraid. Has anyone got the songs from MPIE, TMGLMOAT etc? Song like Morning Mr. Magpie, etc. And can someone please upload the On A Friday demos? I've uploaded these yoooonks ago but I've lost em It'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. could someone please upload a good quality version of 'all i need'? thanks
  4. I definately here 'i've been waiting' instead of 'over here'
  5. Okay just worked out as much as I could. I've been waiting Go slowly Go slowly for me I've been waiting Patient Patiently I have been waiting ???? ???? To see/ The sea? ????? ????? ?????
  6. what was the full set list then? edit: was it: Set List: 01 You And Whose Army? 02 The National Anthem 03 2+2=5 04 Open Pick 05 15 Step 06 Exit Music 07 Dollars and Cents 08 Arpeggi 09 Videotape 10 Street Spirit 11 Paranoid Android 12 Myxomatosis 13 Go Slowly 14 Spooks 15 Idioteque 16 Bangers N Mash 17 Everything In Its Right Place Encore 1: 18 There There 19 House of Cards 20 Black Star Encore 2: 21 4 Minute Warning 22 Karma Police
  7. i was there at koko and cymbal rush BLEW ME AWAY. it's an amazing song. the live versions are quite crappy and don't do the song any justice whatsoever.
  8. eeerm 2 or 4 for apollo on the 19th would be fantastic nothing to trade, only monies
  9. same here. i nearly cried. i spent 6 hours on wednesday on waste. my mum wouldnt let me get them today cos she's immensely pissed off with me. any spares? for 19th may. i cant really travel and i have an exam on the 19th so the 18th is ruled out for me.
  10. okay, all the london ones are sold out. looks like im just gonna have to try on saturday.
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