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  1. im feething my feeths full of...dooth! no, feeth actually.
  2. they would have to break their own rules... #1 - No racism, sexism, homophobia, or excessive flaming. #2 - No posting links to copyrighted music. Anything available commercially on a CD (and yes, b-sides count) is considered copyrighted music. Live sets (unless they're from a live album) are fine. #3 - No posting of photos or links containing porn of any sort. #4 - Comply with all requests from mods/admins. In the case of a dispute over a link or post, the mod's opinion is final. Please report any post that doesn't comply with the rules. It's impossible to read every post (for most, anyway), and it's your MT too. Logic also suggests- -Do a search before posting, particularly if you're new. Your question/topic may have been covered already. -If posting links to live sets, give a brief review of the audio quality. Nobody likes spending a month downloading a torrent only to discover that all you can hear is the taper eating nachos for half the set. -Keep it in the right forum. -Only assholes type in all caps. -Play nice. Flame wars are inevitable, but pointless and boring. i havent done nothing of the following.
  3. does mt offer this? i think it wouldbe a helpful way to post and have a little more detail about threads for those of us who would like it.
  4. when i made the user name doothandfeeth i noticed it the way you put photos in posts is different from the way i have to do it on this name. why? and is there a way to get the "new way" one this user name?
  5. if you are large in US get an extra large from UK. also, hang dry them and wash them in COLD water. i personally dont like the fit of any of the shirts i have gotten there.
  6. jonathon, dylan, anyone, i was wondering if you could make it an option that you return to the forum you posted in rather than the thread after you make a post. or if it is already an option and im just missing it. reason being, after i post, i usually dont re read the thread i posted in and thats where it takes me. just curious, no big deal. thanks. -feethanddooth
  7. if you dont know what to do, pm me
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