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    How to Disappear Completely
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    OK Computer
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    Muse, Stereophonics, Travis
  1. See, now I just have more info... I wish we could get Thom to just tell us!
  2. There are tons of other songs cause it only goes up to OK Computer, right? So, Thom works on How to Disappear Completely. I think that is the most important one.
  3. Thanks... Every little bit of information helps. Jen
  4. I know Faust but the ARP is what is confusing me.
  5. I just watched Meeting People is Easy again last night. It had been awhile, I must admit. But, there was "In Rainbows" stuff in it. I just love this band so much.
  6. What do you all got in understanding Faust ARP? Thanks, Jen
  7. Now I'm starting to see some real thinkers! Nice. 5 - Multiple of 15. You think people close to the band sit back and laugh their asses off at us for even caring?
  8. Someone told me it had something to do with the Hebrew faith. Any thoughts on that? And yes, to the question. Bittersweet, trust me. Jen
  9. Why? Cause it seems more pushed to dick with the label than for the fans!
  10. Ok, some explain it to me, please, before I die of this stomach cancer. Why 15 in Just, Climbing up the Walls and 15 Step? PLEASE HELP ME! Jen http://www.myspace.com/theliffeyarthouse
  11. The Liffey is a River that runs through the center of Dublin. Ireland. St. Patrick's Day. Slow part of the season. Built in vacation.
  12. Who said my Wii doesn't have Radiohead stickers. Doesn't yours? Glad to help someone throw-up! Guess I didn't miss any songs. Jen
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