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  1. I plan on laying eggs at this basket - putting all my shins in that dig. Updates forthcoming.
  2. Does anyone think there's more to these to come? I mean, it looks like some of these filmmakers have spent a lot on setting up these few seconds, almost so much that they might have done full songs....they do feel like teasers...
  3. its mixed a bit weird. The album version its all in the sub, and most playback systems don't produce that unless you have subwoofers or huge headphones. I mean most speakers are like 1-3" these days and i guess they were expecting it to be played back on audiophile 12" subs or something. The live version i guess just left it alone so there's actually that massive bass cutting through...plus there's clearer vocals which i actually prefer.
  4. NO....That album brings out a lot of emotion and ambience with me...and you can't deny its odd! It may just has resonated the most out of the last 3 albums for me, whilst the songs aren't as good the effect of it is huge, if you know what i mean! but i agree that the inclusion of maybe 3 more tracks from those sessions would improve it. Track listing is everything....yet everyone pretty much makes their own anyway these days...so maybe it was a phase they thought it wouldn't matter if staircase and butcher came out later. IDK why people dislike Feral, i think because their systems can't produce that massive sub. Yeh sometimes it sucks on certain systems i played because there's no loud section, as its all like under 50hz its really weird....then its massive with some huge closed back headphones or a subwoofer. HTTT is also underrated, simply because of track count. In that case take out scatterbrain, backdrifts and we suck young blood....nd stick them on that com lag b side album. Likewise amnesiac is underated, due to inclusion of a few off tracks, yet its best tracks are better than Kid A's.
  5. Like big boots, nude, true love waits, lift (later versions) and those weird snippets that are all over meeting people is easy...Not bad either! But no amnesiac was never a b-sides album...pyramid song, i might be wrong, you and who's army, dollars and cents...like the 4 best songs from those two albums combined, yet apparently its still second rate, just because it contains morning bell/amnesiac and pulk pull.
  6. I like them as i like ranking things in various charts. So i could join greenplastic and rank things all day. No but really it just seems to be anyone into music...that's not one of those super-focused specific genre types. I don't really meet many people who hate them... Or even people who aren't...I dunno! You'd be surprised who i've played things to and what they've picked as favourites. Like pop fans liking their obscure TKOL tracks most, or reggae heads digging kid a heavily.
  7. Feral is odd. It really rules on some systems. Some playback systems is really meh. I think its that sub, if the speakers can't play it back, then you are fucked. Now go buy some hench ass woofers , m'lad. Stop listening to it on yer smartphone at the back of the bus. Another weird mastering complaint i guess... But hey i have the two disc vinyl too, so i shouldn't complain...particularly on this album loads of weird stuff pops out that you can't hear because it isn't crushed to heck anymore. (In Rainbows, OKC et. al. are just simply not crushed to heck though).... like i hated In Rainbows for a while, as it was just too 'close' sounding and constricted, and i had just learnt to drive so kept listening to music solely in my car, where squashed stuff sucks, as well as dynamic stuff. >I don't get why TKOL is underrated though. >nor amnesiac, or HTTT (i've just named my 3 favourite radiohead albums.) If they had included those 4 extra singles that weren't on the album to make it a 12-track...no one would complain. (maybe not supercollider on second thoughts) If they took 3 songs off HTTT so it was 11 tracks. No one could complain. If amnesiac was just the second half of kid a double album, no one would say it was worse, just a second half of equal awesomeness. (that's how i always listened to it anyways). *Ok i admit maybe they aren't the 3 favourite, but i'm not too keen on ranking stuff as much as some people on here. I'm not going to put on the bends when in kid a mood...they are just different.
  8. Yes. I find that many artists cause that impression, because they simply use better mastering on the vinyl issues. There was some example of in rainbows that had twice the dynamic range. Which points to nearly zero brickwall limiting, on the vinyl compared to digital/CD. There are dynamic range figures available for it. Seems like the case for all their albums. The reissued box set may have been remastered and dialed down on the mastering front also.
  9. Damn, this isn't EDM, or the latest akon album... i just wonder who did this and why they thought it was appropriate... Has he been in touch with Flea and asked him to get the same guy who did the later RHCP stuff? Those albums which people sent back and are a running joke on any forum about audio quality, mixing and even general musical artistry? I'm considering a vinyl rip when it comes out. I sort of get the impression, that someone along the production line they just thought fuck it, digital is listened to by kids on shitty low powered ipods anyway... The vinyl is for audiophiles, so we'll retain about 4 times dynamic range and not use a brickwall limiter at all. In rainbows and KOL had this issue, but the vinyl didn't... However a lot of reviews of KOL were that it was quite dynamically flat and mellow like all the attack was taken out, well the vinyl isn't...explains why. Well luckily the album is not completely ruined, but i still hear parts especially in BTW where i am slightly let down. I fear this may be the next Death Magnetic by Metallica where certain fans start returning it. I'm sure no one on here, but what about those interested but not worshipping and buying their whole discography types: and there are a lot of them...I just wonder how it affects their opinion. I stopped buying The Cure albums since about 2000 becuase of it, and that was before i'd even heard of 'loudness war'...but i'm sure all the robert smith fans continued to rave about it, just as i'm doing with RH right now.
  10. slight bias that the non-obsessed haven't actually heard it yet perhaps.
  11. I felt it was like walking out the forest from king of limbs and finding urban life and people, after some time of trying to live with them, its got that vibe but as if they've landed back on planet earth... like a sudden realisation after dreaming about forests, ghosts and deserted natural places.. (c'mon it opens with a birdsong tape ripped from give up the ghost... which i always thought was there for some reason on that song, but definitely on this one...i was thinking this is the expected king of limbs part 2 people wanted in 2011, because it easily could have been, i don't think it could have been from kid a sessions at all)
  12. I cannot unhear 'I love my fire' on the original reversed one.
  13. but i'm loving glass eyes... its got those lush scott walker IV arrangements, but i think it could top their catalogue...
  14. Ful Stop is totally future sound of london remixing stars of the lid, well at least for a couple of minutes. Following on from some Wicker Man OST inspired song. I'm just getting my head around how these songs are all one quite a similar dynamic but entirely different genres, actually within the same song...I guess that's radiohead but somehow its more noticeable!
  15. I think i might call it Darko, because the choir sounds like that sountrack.
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