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  1. How could Ed let that fascist have that much involvement in his life?! This genuinely makes me disgusted, I won't be buying LP7 now.
  2. oompa oompa take it up the oompa Awesome.
  3. thanks I was just recording sounds on to my mp4 (e.g. banging a drinking glass with a pen .... the first few seconds was done by raising the pitch of an oscillating fan) and then cut the best take out with Audacity, before assembling and sequencing the track on Fruity Loops. Geese flying overhead, that would be interesting to hear in music track. I ought to look out for these sort of sounds. Thanks for the comments.
  4. Yay, I've thrown off the shackles of Fruity Loops! Well, not really, but all the noises this time came from outside the programme instead, from banging tables, glasses, and the cool breeze of an electric fan, I captured it all in musical form! Anyway, comments appreciated, even if it's about the Rolf picture: http://www.myspace.com/rdc
  5. 2 - 9.4 sit - 9.0 sail - 7.0 back - 9.2 go - 9.1 where - 8.6 we - 7.1 the - 7.3 there - 9.8 i - 9.3 a - 7.5 myx - 8.3 scat - 8.8 a - 8.6
  6. A crack on the head is just what you get
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