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  1. Yep! Maybe sort of like almost cliched easy going.
  2. cereal brand characters are scary compared to ceres goddess
  3. I like kix i used to eat rice everday growing up several times a day now i eat the cheap ramen, chips, cake, cookies and coffee
  4. i like suspenders i iike your signature he's handsome
  5. you just have to post the link and it seems to automatically embed
  6. you should just leave the board now.
  7. do you write song lyrics?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JImcfH7hwkk
  9. suggestions for breezy star carefree star casual star even-tempered star happy-go-lucky star laid-back star mild star offhand star placid star relaxed star self-possessed star serene star tranquil star unhurried star amenable star calm star collected star complaisant star composed star devil-may-care star flexible star free and easy star hang-loose star indolent star indulgent star informal star insouciant star lazy star lenient star liberal star low-pressure star moderate star nonchalant star outgiving star patient star poised star tolerant star unconcerned star uncritical star undemanding star uninhibited
  10. http://classics.mit.edu/Herodotus/history.html is this the same thing?
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