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  1. i like suspenders i iike your signature he's handsome
  2. you just have to post the link and it seems to automatically embed
  3. do you write song lyrics?
  4. like fruit anyways my boyfriend said my poem was good not great that it doesnt leap off the page and that im too idealistic everyone then i asked him to leave the room just because i wanted to be left alone now and watch anime and goodnight and he wouldnt then i locked the door while he kept knocking saying let me in repeatedly when i asked why he said i want to come inside i said you're being creepy he said no im not i said yes you are he said i feel bad ill look at your poem i said go away youre creepy but then the space became too creepy so i had to force myself to be nice to him putting it on like pot on stove i dont like cooking though too much of a hassle bjork "who's closed off, who's open chested" - stonemilker i think im closed off
  5. I don't write poems ever I don't know if this is a poem. this reminds me of when i was volunteering at a detention center and none of the kids wanted to stand up and read their poems and embarrass themselves in front of their peers.
  6. P said my poem needed work.
  7. hugh i read your last poem in particular a few days ago and was very pleased with it but didn't say anything. I like the font it's easy to read.
  8. it would only make good wallpaper. I am thinking about using as wallpaper in my other drawings. i am overwhelmed by my ideas currently and how much i will have to do. and how long it will take.
  9. if you make a drawing with black ballpoint pen it will begin to smell like urine if you are laying out enough of the paper it is disturbing. smoke is easier to draw than clouds
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