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    the bends
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  1. still partial to talk show host...and love the songs on the airbag ep
  2. Most serious Radiohead fans have already purchased $80 version or will purchase the physical album when it comes available later in order to have access to the artwork and/or extra disc. Why get upset at the band for allowing us to have earlier access to the music for whatever price we like? I'm happy to pay a few bucks now to be able to listen to it now-- i'll get the better quality files later when the cd is released. This is Radiohead people!
  3. i just got it for christmas too. haven't watched the whole thing yet though.
  4. been a fan about 8 years i really like the bends and i find myself reaching for it very often. i'd give it 8.5
  5. get there early! one of the times i saw them they were giving wristbands to the first however many people that got there. these people got to be in the area closest to the stage! (there were no seats- it was at a racetrack) if it wasn't for freaking boston traffic that could have been me...
  6. talk show host lewis (mistreated) true love waits lift you never wash up after yourself probably with more time and thought this list would be quite different...
  7. i didn't cave. i wouldn't even let myself at any radiohead mp3s cause i was afraid of the temptation
  8. somehow this sounds very scary
  9. i freaked out when they played that song for one of the encores at the first rh show i went to
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