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  1. I have the other two dates on cd, but not on my hard drive. I can rip them, but the sound quality may suffer idk
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/file/mo1se7gvx8znh22/2002-08-07_Salamanca_SP.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/2g3li84rlhlgzwv/2002-08-06_Salamanca_SP.zip
  3. If forced to pick now I would say Decks Dark.
  4. i've chuckled at molasses and lewis (mistreated) on many occasions as well as capitalization and punctuation
  5. I may be able to mediafire link some flacs if necessary
  6. Thom acoustic killing RH songs at the bridge school benefit on two nights in 2002 is anything but boring. It's been one of my favorite (top 5) RH boots for years now and it is not even RH. EIIRP, Morning Bell solo piano, PA acoustic!!!!! ...etc..After the Gold Rush on NEIL YOUNG'S PIANO!!!??!!! Do yourself a favor and listen to this boot if you've never heard it. I mean everyone who thinks a Thom acoustic set would be boring...
  7. That vid is almost like MT on opposite day.
  8. The album cover looks like one of the recent photos of Pluto doctored up a bit i dunno This album is the shit. And will only get better each listen. No doubt. I love every track. thank you rh
  9. big boots follow me around skirting on the surface i froze up come to your senses identikit full stop this would be a great album or ep
  10. 4-2-98 Bill Graham Civic Center, San Francisco. This show is a must-have if you collect the boots. Also try the last night of the OKC tour, 4-18-98. There a few great 98 boots...I never hear enough about them.
  11. i can't speak for "most people", but i tell you truly that i never felt that way when i first heard the song... edit: or any time after
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