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  1. sadly i doubt they'll care if their favourite corporation is fucking people as long as they get their free shit
  2. if i struck out every artist i liked based on stories about them being assholes there would hardly be anyone left "brb gonna trade in my james brown boxset for the new emeli sande album cos she seems nice in interviews"
  3. doesn't take as long as you'd think. just those mccain fries can be a pain to cook. they always take so much longer than it says on the packet!
  4. nice big greasy fry-up for me. usually somethign like four sausages (richmond's skinless irish are my favourite), two slices of danish bacon and a nice helping of mccain's steak cut fries on a bigger plate. then on a seperate smaller plate i put two fried eggs(always two becuase i usually manage to break one of the yolks and i like them runny) and slap 'em between two slices of buttered bread to make the ultimate cholestorol-inducer. can't believe i used to skip breakfast so much during my school years, easily my favourite meal of the day now
  5. preach it brotha the disparity in quality is even more apparent when it comes to radio
  6. no we must emphasise britain has to be a uniquely terrible and opressive place at all times
  7. c'mon guys, that's pretty funny surely his brother wrote it
  8. songs like this and nude make me think thom would be a crackin' blue-eyed soul singer
  9. you tell 'em fast tracker HOC might be my favourite thing they've ever done
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