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  1. yeah in the bar scene. i've also heard IMBW when Anderson Cooper 360 goes to break. Lucky on an episode of Six Feet Under Season 4. HTDC on Life as a House. Im pretty sure ive heard that song on another movie or show i just cant for the life of me remember. Life in a Glasshouse on Children of Men.
  2. he is thinking, where oh where is my crystal?
  3. it is kind of bizarre but my first concert experience was culture club so i was probably around 7 or 8 yrs old
  4. i love it that this was, unnecessarily, pointed out. i only say that because it is the truth.
  5. my thoughts exactly. i am gonna force Radiohead upon my niece who is only 7 months old at the present, but goddammit she will love the good music!
  6. nope pathetic right here only one show this year thats all folks!
  7. why is it that just about every time i read one of your posts, they always put a smile to my face???
  8. when i saw this i spat out my drink in disbelief. thanks topsyturvy for making me getting my monitor wet.
  9. i couldnt have said it better. is the fucking man!!!! it would make my millenium to flirt with him however that would be difficult since he's up there and im down here.
  10. this setlist was pretty good! i am curious if they will be adding new songs that have not been played this tour when they come back to america. i mean once they were in europe No Surprises and Cymbal Rush were added, along with Super Collider.
  11. im completely illiterate to all this talk about torrent and dime? ive tried to download from dime but i have no idear on how to. can someone plese assist me. i would love to have all or most of these videos on my pc.
  12. you guys are completely mad! but i cant help but be amused by all of this.
  13. that is pretty awesome. i dont even think my family know anything about radiohead other than the fact that i am obsessed with them. no one loves me!
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