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  1. i think i love all the ones from dallas more since i was there and he just looks damn sexy in the black shirt!
  2. i cant agree more! Everything Ed, All Day Long!!!!!
  3. i look forward to doing that with my niece. hopefully radiohead will still be touring in 6 or 7 years.
  4. four words say it all.... Amazing Sounds of Orgy!
  5. Interesting!!! I Love how he is luminous!
  6. id like this one even better if he had that expression sitting on the commode.
  7. I am going to take this pic, put it in my spank bag for when i get home!
  8. you forgot his adorableness!!! if i met him i just want to hug him, pick him up and swing him around.
  9. interesting the only mag i bought when In Rainbows was released was MOJO. oh well! on another note id like to say hello to a fellow MTer and Interpol Message Board buddy, i just joined Interpol today.
  10. is this the magazine that about 3 years ago had one issue dedicated to Radiohead?
  11. man i feel so lame compared to some of you guys since Dallas i have purchased all of the following vinyl via eBay: Knives out single LP 12" There There LP 7" I Might Be Wrong Live 12" Kid A 10" Amnesiac 10" In Rainbows discbox Ok Computer 12" The Bends 12" Pablo Honey 12" and as of Sunday Karma Police 12" i was broke before i was bidding now im more in the hole but i see this as my the best investment ever because i love these guys so much.
  12. this douchebag i know has that poster, which he is willing to give to me i think i will only keep in contact with him until that day comes i also have his fake plastic trees EP
  13. Amazing Sounds Of Orgy Where Bluebirds Fly Pop is Dead Killer Cars You (Drill EP version) Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong The Trickster Meeting In The Aisle Palo Alto Talk Show Host You Never Wash Up After Yourself I Am A Wicked Child Banana Co Paperbag Writer Gagging Order
  14. cant argue with that. more Ed to go around for me!!!
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