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  1. still loving this thread i wish i was pissed drunk right now 5 days is too long since the last time
  2. i would love it and hate it if they played let down
  3. yeah i know i was wondering if they forgot a pic of thom in that thom wave we just got.
  4. me too since its not soo great and they couldve played something better like oh i dont know.....Life in a Glasshouse
  5. i was up on the hill turning into a pile of goo! i loved every minute of it! the guy in front of me loved me cause i knew what the songs were before anybody around us it just showed that i am a true fan who knows her shit!
  6. seeing picks from dallas makes me re-live it. pyramid song was a highlight!
  7. SWEET MOTHER OF EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD AND PURE! i only wish i couldve been this close to Ed in Dallas
  8. yeah when tai or thai or however you spell her name meets travis.
  9. that pic again blackjacket, of thom in the tub yeah he does look hot in there BUT Ed is the sexiest man out of the five lads!
  10. agreeable but her thread is tainted with a hint of Ed! although better pictures of Ed would suffice
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