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  1. i wish i could physically be there with all you guys
  2. Climbing Up the Walls does have some of the best lyrics. Still dont have a song for worst lyrics.
  3. i tried to get my friend to consider trying to make our way to the front but he was a party pooper. i tried to do many things that day to enjoy radiohead but it didnt happen. next time, even if i have to go it alone im gonna make it to the pit or as close as i possibly can.
  4. man you guys are brutal when it comes to lawn. both times ive seen radiohead were on the lawn and im still happy i got to "see" them. however i would like to one day be in the pit to see them. that would be absolutely delicious!
  5. id still tap that huge honker! the great and powerful ED watches over us
  6. WOW! sorry bout that i got mine on ebay as well for $35 or something it really is up to you on what you want to do i wanted to wait for the reissues too but i cant wait either
  7. exactly what i was going for. i would absolutely adore a poster of that photo.
  8. all you have to do is gradually make small talk with the person next to you. i can be shy myself at times and that just happens and you make nice with people around you. who knows you might find fellow MTers when your waiting in line and you all can watch each others backs. man all you guys are making me wish i could go and see them again.
  9. this photo epitomizes the sexiness that is Radiohead. i mean look at all of them!
  10. its been a tad bit more than once or twice. according to the statistics website, been 9 times.
  11. i appreciate this as much as andrea, whoever you are, if not more.
  12. these are really amazing. hey, i posted that first one a while back. that one really is so adorable. i just feel the love. the last one is so fucking cute too!
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