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  1. :yeah: i love you Les for bringing these photos of Ed to me!
  2. yeah i watched a good portion of their webcast i wish i could see them live, which i wouldnt think is difficult since they are from austin, right?
  3. You Street Spirit Let Down Climbing Up the Walls How to Disappear Completely Pyramid Song Life In A Glasshouse We Suck Young Blood I am a Wicked Child Reckoner House of Cards GO SLOWLY (this song brings me to tears)
  4. i see the point being made here, which is valid. my friend who went with me to see them in Dallas is more familiar with The Bends than the other albums, but he is not totally oblivious to their later songs. he knows how important Radiohead is to me, but i have never forced them upon him. however recently he has purchased In Rainbows and asked for a copy of OKC and Amnesiac. so maybe in due time this person who has the opinion that Radiohead isnt worth a listen after The Bends will voluntarily listen to their later works and see what he/she has been missing out on.
  5. i thought there wasnt gonna be a webcast of Radiohead?
  6. all i know about you is that we like the same radiohead songs
  7. yeah but i dont care id would still climb him to give him the best kiss hes ever had
  8. finally someone i absolutely adore that i can have a conversation with, almost eye to eye
  9. i dont know about sit down. stand up it must immediately follow 2+2=5 a cookie sounds good right now
  10. you will look at her in a better light!
  11. one of my fav since it takes me back to lovely night in dallas
  12. how can any of you actually do without The Gloaming? i could do away with I Will
  13. dont know if anyone has said this yet but during the playoffs there were those "there can only be one" during the commercials and on a couple of them House of Cards was used. i freaked especially because at that time i was gonna see Radiohead in a couple of weeks.
  14. no one at all. i know Ed must be shared between myself and others i didnt mean it in a rude way you are all that and a bag of gummi bears morrigan
  15. i wanted to post something similar morrigan but i didnt want to be selfish
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