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  1. ditto especially to the first time i saw them which was at the woodlands in '03 sadly that night is somewhat a blur for me
  2. so far, though, europe has gotten cymbal rush and super collider
  3. motherfucker! thats for getting there there as an opener and for LSP being in the setlist
  4. watching the performance from indiana brought me to tears Damn I Love This Song!
  5. i have no problem with this track but i wouldnt consider it to be the finest song on IR. however i do like it better than Nude. on a slightly different note: back in november i do recall hearing a local band cover this song which i found very interesting.
  6. just wanted to say a huge thanks to seraphina for sharing your pics from Cleveland. they have brightened my day!
  7. big is not bad oy, i want to rip that shirt off of him
  8. i think on one of the videos on youtube has a track listing. let me check
  9. i dont know it this counts since i work there, but one of the Borders in SA is playing The Best of Radiohead. I freaked when i heard Just, but in a good way. Today was the best morning at work cause i got to hear Radiohead there. oh yeah when we got a promo of In Rainbows, i put that bitch on and left it there for weeks.
  10. this was one of my favorite moments of thumbs down. watching Ed shake his ass to the music. mmmmm mmmmmmm
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