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  1. i think its the most comfy Radiohead shirt i have but thats just me
  2. i like to sing these lyrics along it brings joy to my heart
  3. for some strange reason i got teary eyed when i saw this pic
  4. im with ya on that. i donated plasma to get some money to last me this week.
  5. this reminds me when i saw them in 2003. the end of EIIRP just kept looping for a few minutes and of course you see EIIRP scrolling on the marquee, but now its on the lights. i think it was a fantastic closer.
  6. like kidiowa, i didnt hear Creep til after being introduced to Radiohead with Just in '95. i heard it a few months later and i can admit it is pretty good. yet about 6 years ago a local radio station began to play Creep and everyone is on its nuts. i cannot go to a karaoke bar without hearing that song and when i tell people i love Radiohead they are all, Creep! Woo-hoo! and i walk away.
  7. over all the years for CDs, EPs, DVDs, vinyl, tickets, travel to shows, posters, mags, buttons, and tshirts i think it adds up to about $1000 and im still getting vinyl and some EPs i have yet to own
  8. yeah i recently read diary pretty bizarre but entertaining
  9. apparently some kid on MT has stated i am "whiny and unfunny"....... i am sarcastic but only to real friends so beware
  10. i have been comforting myself by spending a ridiculous amount on their vinyl and listening to the bootleg of dallas
  11. no need to be defensive for that i retract what i said
  12. i feel sad that i couldnt see them another time this year except for dallas but year 2 or more years is gonna be torture
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