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  1. you people should try alamo. ive rented with them before and it was uber cheap. im renting the car for basically 29 hours and $35 aint bad. look into it!
  2. alls i mean is texting throughout the entire show. ive seen it. it kind of gets annoying. sure the occasional text is cool but cmon for what nearly 2 hours. now being wasted throughout an entire show can be a bitch as well cause you dont recall some stuff. i learned that first had at ladytron and at interpol. i was so sad to have sort of missed interpol.
  3. thanks for the tip man cause i like to fly down the highway!
  4. if this happens to me im totally down to dropkick someone into the middle of next week and kick their ass the next day. i want my second radiohead experience to be near perfection. it pisses me off whenever im at any show and some dumbass is there talking to someone else through out either the whole or majority of the show. you paid money to see a show not talk to someone else (when you can do that for free any other time or place) or these days be texting someone while your at the show. youre missing the fucking show! and to do that at Radiohead is a cardinal sin. anyways ive said my peace.
  5. im coming from san antonio so i plan to leave between 11am and noon. i just hope nothing happens on the way or when i arrive in dallas. i do know what you mean cause im one those people except i have not gotten caught yet! but im not ready to find out either.
  6. where have you tried looking to rent a car? im renting one from san antonio to dallas and it only cost $35 split between 2 people.
  7. since youve been there before davidcotyalex, how early in advance do you suggest one should get there in order to park at the venue before it fills up?
  8. this is my second radiohead show. first was at woodlands and i was on the lawn. this time im going for dallas and will be on the lawn again. question: does anyone think visibility will be an issue if you are on the lawn? i was hoping to be closer this time but oh well. im mainly happy to even be in the same vicinity as Radiohead once again.
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