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    how to disappear completely, life in a glasshouse, there there, climbing up the walls
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    kid a
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    interpol, the beatles, led zeppelin, portishead, the dears, neutral milk hotel and more that i cant think of right now
  1. kristen reveal to me, at least, who you are that is my only source to the somewhat decent outside world whilst i am at my boring existence called Work.
  2. is it me or is there a noticeable bulk in the crotch region?
  3. how in the hell can this thread exist without the mention of The fucking Gloaming. Just saying.
  4. im not around enough to experience this but thanks for letting me know. later
  5. that first one is one weird looking cat oh wait im buzzed......nevermind
  6. i have nothing but mad love for Ed and Paranoidapple!!!
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