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    how to disappear completely, life in a glasshouse, there there, climbing up the walls
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    kid a
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    interpol, the beatles, led zeppelin, portishead, the dears, neutral milk hotel and more that i cant think of right now
  1. yeah i totally have a few hundred bucks to throwdown on a plane ticket to and from london actually i do but i need that money for vegas
  2. i actually had a bowl of Corn Pops so i should be good for the evening
  3. im waiting to hear back from the library on when it comes in why pay to rent it, when its free at the library
  4. yeah krispy kreme or dunkin honuts oooo munchkins damn you jilly!
  5. i was not aware of this, cindy, but im sure its all flushed down the toilet.
  6. living in hell oddly there are pictures of jesus here
  7. kristen reveal to me, at least, who you are that is my only source to the somewhat decent outside world whilst i am at my boring existence called Work.
  8. six feet under sincerely a toss up between season 3 and season 5 as the BESTEST!
  9. i would like to make a tasty dish on Martha Stewart's Living show with Herr Fish, Jilly and Shake
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