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  1. Also, this isn't the first time people assumed Radiohead were nearing the end. There were so many posts in 2008 talking about how Videotape was their goodbye to their fans and they were going to hang it up after the In Rainbows tour. Didn't happen. During the long wait between TKOL and AMSP, lots of people assumed the band would go their separate ways. Again, it didn't happen. Five plus years seems to be their standard interval between albums now - so LP10 in 2021, LP11 in 2026, LP12 in 2031 is perfectly plausible. I won't believe that Radiohead are going to end until I hear it from the band themselves. If you think this is over, then you're (probably) wrong
  2. There's still plenty of activity and enthusiasm on the band's subreddit. That's where the energy has gone. MT was down for a long time - naturally interest is going to diminish in a board that wasn't functional for an extended period of time. Same with Atease.
  3. I haven't been on MT in ages. I like the new look. I don't necessarily think we're at the end of Radiohead's lifespan - they could have another 10, 15 or 20 years in them, if we're lucky. We could get another three albums from them. Twelve albums like The Beatles would be a good number to go out on (yes, I'm counting Magical Mystery Tour). They haven't slowed down - they've consistently worked at an almost feverish pace, especially considering their solo projects in addition to their work with Radiohead. A Moon Shaped Pool was incredible, ANIMA was amazing, and their enthusiasm for creativity and music has not waned one iota. LP10 will feel different than previous album cycles - there are fewer older songs to speculate about. We have our Present Tenses and our Lifts and Man of Wars finally all released. Here's a speculative, potential tracklist for LP10 - I hope you like the idea. I used the remaining unreleased songs that might have a chance, and song titles from the old blackboard. Radiohead - Through the Ice Released October 21, 2021 LP10 by Radiohead, produced by Nigel Godrich 1 - Porous 2 - Follow Me Around 3 - Bodies Laughing 4 - I Lie Awake 5 - Fifths 6 - Come to Your Senses 7 - Skirting on the Surface 8 - I Froze Up 9 - Cut a Hole 10 - Birds of Prey
  4. As far as I know it never happened. But they are Jeff Buckley fans. And also fans of his father Tim, who Thom covered solo before the band played at the 1994 Reading Festival.
  5. Look for Bittersweet Distractors disc 7, it has a wonderful mastered version of the cover.
  6. Yeah, I do. Just stay away from main most of the time.
  7. I'm happy that they finally released Disk 2 legitimately for a wider audience, as all the tracks on there were strong enough to be on In Rainbows proper and deserve to be heard by anyone who even considers themselves a passing fan of Radiohead. I'm still happy I got the Diskbox though. Nothing will ever make me regret it. Myself and other owners had a year and a half of having the only official and still the only lossless (the downloads are in 320kbps MP3 which is basically the same, but still...) source for the second disc, plus we still have the 45 speed double LP version of In Rainbows that is unavailable anywhere else, plus the neat artwork, and the fact that Disk 2 is an enhanced CD with neat photos. Also, the prospect of new or live songs appearing on there is promising and exciting. Dance, Thom, dance!
  8. NEW NEW NEW (AND/OR UNHEARD IN FULL) Super Collider Like a Weapon Riding a Bullet Wake Me (Before They Come) Come to Your Senses Bodies Laughing A Pig's Ear Burn the Witch Dawn Chorus Slave The North Wind Rubbernecks Suit Don't Fit Skirting on the Surface 5ths UNRELEASED UNRELEASED UNRELEASED Good Morning Mr. Magpie/Morning Mi Lord Follow Me Around Spooks Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses/Old Reckoner I Froze Up Big Boots True Love Waits Lift I wouldn't hold out any hope for "I Promise" though. All of those I think have a chance of winding up on the new album, but it's just speculation at this point. I really want to hear "Burn the Witch" and "Wake Me". I also think this is the time "Lift" will finally come out. I have a feeling. And "Big Boots" maybe as a b-side. You might notice some unreleased songs that don't make it on one album appear later: "Motion Picture Soundtrack" was originally done during the OK Computer sessions, as was "Last Flowers" and "Nude" (as well as "Lift"!) "Lift" was later done during HttT sessions... "I Will" had been kicking around since 1998 in various incarnations until appearing on HttT "A Wolf at the Door" had been around since Kid A/Amnesiac sessions... "Life in a Glasshouse" was written around '98... "Super Collider" was originally from the IR sessions and will probably be on the next album... Don't lose hope that some unreleased material will finally see the light of day.
  9. I'll try getting a Lite Yousendit account so I'll try to up it later. Edit: First time uploading to the 'net, so can anyone in the know tell me what exactly I need to do to do this on Yousendit? Ideally I'd want to post the link here. It'll only be good for a week or 100 downloads, whatever comes first.
  10. My favorite version of Spooks is the 6/4/06 Boston one. It opens my In Rainbows Live 2006 playlist, which goes as follows: 1 - Spooks (6/4 Boston) 2 - 15 Step (6/20 Chicago) 3 - Bangers and Mash (6/30 Los Angeles) 4 - Down Is the New Up (6/13 Madison Square Garden) 5 - Bodysnatchers (6/30 Los Angeles) 6 - Nude (8/28 Amsterdam) 7 - Arpeggi (6/17 Bonnaroo) 8 - All I Need (8/28 Amsterdam) 9 - House of Cards (6/17 Bonnaroo) 10 - Jigsaw Falling Into Place (6/11 Montreal) 11 - 4 Minute Warning (6/4 Boston) 12 - Go Slowly (6/11 Montreal) 13 - Videotape (6/17 Bonnaroo) With some editing in Audacity, this sounds pretty much like a releasable live album. It flows really well. I love it. You guys should try making it yourself.
  11. I would think a full band version would sound like a cross between "Cuttooth", the '06 "Videotape" and the finale of Arcade Fire's song "Vampire/Forest Fire". Pure speculation though. I think it could work really well.
  12. Never say never. Let Down was one of the last OKC songs to get to me, but when it got to me, it really got to me and is probably one of my three favorites on the album. It just has to hit you at the right moment is all. I had HttT for about three or four years before I even liked Scatterbrain, let alone love it like I do now. I never disliked it, but it took awhile for it to become something special to me. It also took a few months for me to like IR Videotape more than 06 Videotape, and a couple more after that for it to become my favorite Rh song. I love pretty much all the songs that "everyone" loves. The one that took me the longest was "Lift", but that's mostly because it took so long for me to get into downloading so I didn't hear a clear (albeit bootleg) recording of it until about April of last year because it was ad still is unreleased. I mean, I liked it and all, but it didn't become one of my favorite Rh songs until I could hear the nuances in it rather than hear an way over-compressed approximation of it on YouTube that didn't sound very good (I still like the video, though).
  13. I check that I'm glad they play it, but only for the fact that it's such a rare occurrence nowadays that when they do play it, everyone's like, "Holy shit, they played Creep!"
  14. Seems about 1.25 times as fast to me. Down Is the New Up sounds really cool when drunk, too.
  15. Well, they could do a full band version, and it doesn't have to be like the '06 version. And my vote goes to "Videotape", without question.
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