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  1. Technically Nude did, but because they released those B-sides on a bonus disc before the singles came out, there's less market for them I guess. Jigsaw Falling Into Place had some solo-Thom versions of a few album tracks. Didn't Jigsaw go in at #1 though? Could've sworn I saw that. Or.. at least I'm sure it was top ten.
  2. Victoria Park 1 Sorry it's only on dimeadozen as far as I'm aware; if it doesn't get anywhere else by later today I might try putting it on Purelivegigs or something else that's easier to get an account at.
  3. It was "I'm trapped in this body", no? anyway I tried to buy one after Glasgow and before Amsterdam and they only had the aforementioned sizes then, too. Which sucks, cos I don't really wear black t-shirts these days. I guess I saved
  4. I definitely had some kind of problem when I used Firefox. I can't remember what it was though.
  5. Well I have Safari which doesn't have adblock I PAID
  6. Yeah this is bullshit Jonathan.
  7. I quite like the grey ones. They'd run out of my size by the time I got to the merch stand on Friday though.
  8. Not really, it only takes up about a minute and a half at most. Which is why if you include it in the setlist, it becomes a 26-song set (unlike the 25-song ones that have been featuring elsewhere). So it's like a little added bonus more than anything else.
  9. I mean I've got no problem with people talking to their friends between songs and stuff, it's not like you have to stay in reverent silence for the whole gig, but why the fuck would you pay
  10. Seriously? The music on this tour has been awful I liked it more when they were into reggae. There was one dubsteppy song they played at Glasgow that was good but apart from that it's just interminable beats with interminable drones over the top of it that just don't go anywhere. For 4 hours.
  11. In all honesty, I don't really know what you're talking about. Sure In Rainbows gets a lot of play, but you'd expect that, but I've been to 3 dates on the tour so far, and had (by my estimate) 38 different songs out of 76 in total. So you know. Not bad? Plus it's not like seeing the band play the same songs twice isn't enjoyable, and if you don't think you'll enjoy it, why did you even buy two tickets in the first place?
  12. Pretty awesome gig, the weather was pretty shit but after 30 or so seconds of 15 Step I'd completely forgotten about it. Was at the front on Ed's side (we figured there'd be less of a crush over there, and we were right), but still didn't avoid the fuckwits scattered throughout the crowd. Notably, the guy who shoved his arm over my /the guy next to me's shoulder about halfway through the set, trying to force his way in when there was clearly no room, then, when that failed, asking us if we could let him in. Then when we said no, he informed us that he was going to get in anyway so we might
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