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  1. listening to this for the first time while high and watching ocean footage was perfect. dem synchronicities
  2. man i still haven't listened. it came out 2am last night here and i had to work today. we're making dinner right now and then we're gonna get massively stoned and listen to the album. i'm so wet
  3. playing music critic ruins music i'm going outside to critique the angle of the sun through the clouds. looks pretty mediocre from here.
  4. given how transcendent j. greenwood's musical intelligence has become, and based off what we have heard so far, i think we are in for something astounding
  5. this song sounds like fucking crap just kidding i love it so much those lyrics!
  6. still no joy for me and it's been more than 24 hours. i'll let you know if i figure it out but it looks like radiohead are going to extract a bit more money out of me. i'm hoping if i buy it again it will work. edit, shit it's appeared in my junk folder. nice
  7. hm. i guess i couldn't have expected to have been the only one to have made that lame retort
  8. implying it's bad to be a female dog they make puppies ffs. PUPPIES
  9. happened to me too dunno what to do not that it really matters in the bigger scheme of things
  10. thanks very much for the reply. i definitely paid, on DAS. guess i'll just keep waiting for the email. cheers
  11. i payed for the track but can't see to figure out how to download it... do they email a link or what? i feel stupid thanks in advance if anyone can help
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