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  1. Why? Overplayed? Not dishing on you, because everybody is entitled to likes/dislikes, but it is a great song in the live format.
  2. This setlist definitely rivals Merriweather in 2003. Quite amazing, actually.
  3. Do you think they will ever play anything off of The Eraser live?
  4. I believe 58hours is having some tech. issues.
  5. This setlist is phenomenal. I hope they bring it big in Texas:)
  6. Good Q. I think 58hours is doing the best that they can in the midst of the mania!
  7. [sHOW NOTES] Hi all. Unfortunately, we don't have an agent at tonight's show, so I'm left here to lurk on morgitempo (sorry guys, I don't have an account right now) & update from what comes down the pipe. If you have quicker updates, IM me at AIM: briankie1 Cheers! brian From 58hours.com
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