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  1. Yeah, other than the first 3 songs, they've been fairly unpredictable with their setlist this tour.
  2. I agree with you. What's amazing to me is how much of their catalog goes together. I'd love a Radiohead evening (akin to 311 day), where the band played 4-5 hours to really explore that catalog of material.
  3. You should check out some of the comment he made (justifiably so) during Coachella last Friday. Classic!
  4. Despite the very obvious technical issues during the first ⅓ of the set, this turned out to be a pretty stellar show (i.e., Street Spirit is amazing!). Here are some links to the screen recording of the live stream and the separated audio, including intermissions for technical issues, of the show. Enjoy! Radiohead Screen Recording - Coachella - 4/14 Radiohead Coachella - FLAC Audio Tracks With both of these, please mind your speakers/ears beginning with Ful Stop and ending shortly after Let Down! Setlist: Intro - Fake Plastic Kiwi Trees 1 Daydreaming 2 Desert Island Dis
  5. Yes, and in my opinion, it completely slays the HTTT version.
  6. I think it's a musician thing, guys. Studio Recording = days, weeks, months, years, overdubs, multiple takes, polish (if the producer sucks), studio session guys (if the artist(s) sucks) ; Live = real, in the moment, created in front of you, no overdubs, visceral, lighting, energy, energy, energy...if they suck or are 'going through the motions' you can tell. Your senses are the only filter when it's live. With a studio album, it's a representation of a performance, filtered, stamped, processed and then it makes it to your ears. Yeah, I think it's a musician thing.
  7. Great show! Perfectly mixed sound made it quite incredible. The audience was fairly motionless, but I think that is due to many of them trying to process what they are seeing! lol It's been my best live RH experience thus far.
  8. I was watching the live stream (Stream:https://www.pscp.tv/w/1rmGPnzDpqXxN ) and I did notice that they re-started 2+2=5 a few times and Thom saying something about being 'professionals'! ; ) Kudos to Randy, the periscoper, that made that stream available. It's the entire show and all three encores. Dude never took a break! P.S. It also seemed like the audience started applauding before Paranoid Android was over...leading me to think that maybe a lot of folks there where unfamiliar with the older material?
  9. That's what I mean. 'Different' to me, equates to better. As a musician, a song that I recorded ten years ago is not anywhere near as appealing as playing it live now. I've got a decade's more worth of experience and perspective and the kodak moment from back then has a lot less feeling in it than now. I've grown and so has my representation of the material. Do you not suppose the members of Radiohead feel similarly when they are playing The Bends era or OKC era songs now? If not, why does Fake Plastic Trees have an altogether different feel live in 2017 than the canned version fro
  10. Appears that they are pulling out all the stops on this tour. Great setlist!
  11. I feel completely opposite. While the studio albums are great, the energy from a live show just isn't there. For example, so far on the 2017 tour, Thom's voice is so much better live.
  12. Sad? That wasn't the intent. I'm not sure that I worded it correctly. From a musician's perspective, a studio album is a snapshot in time, frozen and unchanging; whereas live is 100% in the moment. Not any different than a picture of the grand canyon vs. really being there, I suppose. So, when I was finally album to catch the band in 2003, some of the songs they played that had been recorded a decade earlier, had a much more visceral feel. Creep completely blew me away live and, for example, Fake Plastic Trees rocked out much, much harder than the album cut. What I've noticed with
  13. Absolutely! That blanket (afghan, throw, rug, whatever it is) seems to be pretty popular and definitely designed to cover some naked bodies!
  14. In no particular order: The Bends might not have existed without inspiration from Jeff Buckley Ed = atmosphere/ambience. Ed has a hell of a lot to do with the RH 'sound' that Jonny usually gets the credit for (not that Jonny isn't a force to be reckoned with). Meeting People is Easy is a horrible film, much less a decent music documentary.
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