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  1. Yeah, I just tried searching through the "archived" stuff, still nothing. God, the search function does my head in. I searched for the phrase "Kid A" in my own posts. Nothing came up. How likely is it that I have never mentioned "Kid A" in one of my posts? No, that's not the one I meant. EDIT: Found it, it's this one. The dumb thing is that I'm not even sure that the posts I am looking ARE in that thread. This is really frustrating, the posts were damn well-written and insightful, too. I would manually go through my 500 posts if I had to. But I can't. Can I?
  2. Someone, around the time TKOL was released, made a number of insightful posts about what the fan reaction/anticipation to Kid A was like. I myself gathered them into one big post and pasted them into, I think, the 1000-page speculation thread. I can't, for the life of me, find said posts now. Can anyone help? For some reason, I can't view my own posts if they are older than 1 year (at least not via the "Find my content" function)
  3. While I do agree with the rest of your post, it's a bit unfair to say they "hushed up" about The Hollies thing. They honestly admitted that they intentionally lifted from The Hollies already way back in 1993. "What happened was, we wrote 'Creep', and the middle eighth just had...my guitar playing a tune," says Greenwood. "And Ed stopped [us] and said, 'This is the same chord sequence as that Hollies song,' and then sang it. So Thom copied it. It was funny to us in a way, sort of feeding something like that into [it]. It's a bit of change." They could've said that it was an accident or that they didn't realise until later, but they were honest about it from day 1. I doubt that it has come up too often after that, that's why they haven't talked about it since.
  4. Why would Jonny using the "The Present Tense" in an orchestral score mean that they'll never release a Radiohead version of it?
  5. I'm gonna have to chime in here. Look at the list of locations where The Universal Sigh was available. How exactly is being available in over 35 countries all over the world "extremely limited availability"? Not only were the papers available all over the usual European countries, the team also went the extra mile and shipped papers to countries the band has never played before (The Baltic states, Iceland, Russia) or where they rarely play (Scandinavia, South America, Down Under). Considering that the papers were completely free of charge, they had to be shipped worldwide and the band doesn't have a huge record label behind them to fund such endeavor, I think it's quite unfair to accuse them of half-arsing the release of TUS.
  6. That doesn't make much sense if you consider the whole package. It's obvious that the other items, the crew shirt, setlist, backstage passes, drumsticks and plectrums are all legit. So why would he fake one single item? And if he did fake the song sheet in order to get people's attention, why didn't he mention that item in the auction's title?
  7. I'm not sure why you don't want that photo, it's exactly what you were looking for? "Any pics of Jonny with a string quartet"?
  8. If you're going to try to sound all erudite and pull some Latin, at least spell the word "magnum" correctly.
  9. As much as I agree with your hesitancy, hoping to hear some new material this tour isn't entirely baseless. Source
  10. Well, I'm not saying that every gig in 2012 is going to be recorded fully, but I'm fairly sure most of the TKOL tour gigs will. And, as is often the case, there'll be great recordings that'll never be circulated publicly. Edgar still has two Atoms for Peace recordings that he hasn't shared yet...
  11. It's 2012, mate, of course there'll be decent clips. There'll be video clips in HD and an audio recording of the full gig.
  12. Starting today, North London Darkroom will be selling official prints of these two shots (and perhaps some alternative, previously unreleased shots off that session as well). The video they were working on is for announcing the opening of the darkroom. Sebastian has been working on building the darkroom for quite some time, since summer 2011, I think. That's why he kept tweeting about it all throughout last year. I'm guessing he had always wanted to start selling those Radiohead prints, hence why he kept adding the relevant hashtags. The fact that him dropping vague hints coincided with the TKOL Part 2 madness was exactly that, a coincidence.
  13. The 27th of February comes right after the 18th?
  14. How about the fact that they just released 2 new songs about a month and a half ago? Or did the new album come as a complete surprise to them so they weren't able to plan ahead when they released The Daily Mail and Staircase?
  15. Oh, good ol' Sebastian Edge, eh? Let's look at his tweets from last year: And all of this amounted to absolutely nothing. Not to mention this. Since he actually gave a date this time, I'm guessing he isn't teasing any more. But what an aggravating character nonetheless...
  16. Gonna give this a bump because I've added some rather neat interviews over the past few months. For example: One of my favourite interviews, this one. The band haven't really talked too often about actually how aggravating and painstaking a process the recording of In Rainbows was. The birth pains over Kid A are well-documented and widely-known as the album itself sounds frantic and difficult. The bliss of House of Cards or the hypnotic Weird Fishes, however, don't offer many hints of what it took to finish those songs. It also helps that the interviewer clearly knows Radiohead. This one's the only video interview I have uploaded so far and it's probably going to stay that way for a while. I only uploaded it because it's one of my favourites. Also, the other versions of this interview on Youtube have been either blocked or muted. I've talked about this interview before around here. It remains hugely important in the story of TKOL as it's the first interview in which they (well, Ed) gave actual, substantial insight into the recording of LP8. For the longest time, even months after TKOL's release, it remained the sole source of information on the inception of TKOL. And, of course, Ed's interviews are always very insightful. A 70-minute track-by-track of "Hail to the Thief" featuring all 5 members of the band, quite a thorough discussion of all things HTTT, from their collective mindset from when they went into the sessions to how Thom's voice had changed up until the recording of HTTT. If only we had interviews like this one for all of their albums... Again, an in-the-know interviewer puts Thom at ease and gets some good stuff out of him. Give it a listen, for example, if you want to hear Thom compare singing the lyrics to Reckoner to having toast in the morning. Also, check out , among other things it features an enormously awkward moment when the interviewer asks Colin and Thom what they would do if a serial killer blamed "Creep" for inspiring his murders. Again, if this seems like your cup of tea, do subscribe, I promise to keep the channel strictly Radiohead.
  17. The blu-rays are not faulty and there wasn't a problem at the manufacturing plant, people. The players are the bottlenecks, it could be fixed with a firmware update if Sony were bothered.
  18. Note the [citation needed] at the end there. Pure speculation, no support from any of the interviews they've done.
  19. I enjoy the irony of you calling someone a noob even though Thom clearly sings "fill me" and not "film me" in that clip you posted.
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