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  1. Sicarim, I don't think you're crazy. I'd never seen that video before (only the Hurricane Katrina footage video and the Pulk/Spinning Plates video with the baby machine or whatever it was), and I think I see blurred images of sex scenes through this entire thing. Very weird.
  2. Agreed. I made this topic on the Atease board last night, haha.
  3. Agreed. I made this topic on the Atease board last night, haha.
  4. It is a great album. And speaking on behalf of Ptitsa, do you even know what a hypocrite is, Radiocoocoo? She only puts you down when you say something ignorant, or when you get into an argument with someone. Normally whenever you post, it is one of these two things, you hypocrite. I can't believe the band associates themselves with you.
  5. Yeah, that was a joke... I'll tell you what's not a joke... telling everyone that WASTE tickets would go onsale late afternoon, when they went onsale early morning. That's just malevolent, you bastard.
  6. Arg. I hate Radiocoocoo. Get off your fucking high horse.
  7. To be fair, when he had the copy beforehand, I like begged him for one song, and he never gave it up.
  8. Ade could say that, but it has already gotton out, so it will get out anyway. Ade is awesome, don't badmouth him.
  9. Whoever here wants the album and has AIM, contacts me if you want - my screen name is paranoidtimebomb
  10. Very electronic based. The Eraser (track) sounds marvelous, very lush, but still electronic.. hard to describe. Atoms For Peace is the best though. Good lyrics, an awesome groove, and more! Fuck do I ever want Harrowdown lol.
  11. I'll tell you what. If anyone can get me JUST Harrowdown Hill, from anybody who may send it, I'll hook that person up with the rest of the album.
  12. Uhh... I suck at reviewing things. I'll rank the tracks, from best to worst. 1. Atoms For Peace 2. Black Swan 3. The Eraser 4. Cymbal Rush 5. The Clock 6. Analyse 7. And It Rained All Night 8. Skip Divided As I said, I want Harrowdown Hill very badly! Please, someone, hook me up!
  13. A self-fulfilling prophecy of endless possibilty You're born and raised across the street In algebra, in algebra The fences that you cannot climb The sentences that do not rhyme In all that you can ever change The one you're looking for It gets you down It gets you down There's no spark No light in the dark It gets you down It gets you down You travel far What have you found When there's no time There's no time To analyse To think things through To make sense It gets you down It gets you down You're just playing a part You're just playing a part Yo
  14. Some tracks are electronic, but some (Black Swan, Cymbal Rush, a few others) sound like they could be Radiohead.
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