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  1. ... are you serious... did you not read your own post?
  2. recording probably from bridge school... neil youngs music school if im not mistaken... great show...
  3. anyone who doesnt like prince should probably listen to nude and ask were it came from... prince is incredibly talented, and a pop god... get over yourselves..
  4. so yea... who knew they worked so well together... heres something if your bored enough... pretty hilarious... some of it works out... xxx.sendspace.com/file/40rvqy
  5. radioheads best of is number 16 in top 100 audio at thePB... not really sure how i feel about that...
  6. reckoner swap ... both good... but i hate the lies
  7. might be interested... its 60, right? ill get back to you in the next 24 hours... send me an email at kutnerbp@vcu.ed... and ill hit u back
  8. word.... how so? gaww, wish i hadnt lost her number:/
  9. please don't move!!! seraphina is supposed to sell me some tickets to the nissan pav. show and im trying to get ahold of her... ive sent her and email and a PM and she hasnt respond... if anyone who knows her sees this please pass on that need to talk to her about the show, get the final situation set up. Thanks guys, please dont move/delete this unless you think it will get seen better someplace else. word
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