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  1. The weekend you're going to meet his parents for the first time and the morning before a damn volcano grows right on your nose =\ that part wasn't nice... The rest was perfect!
  2. Wanted to apply for a scholarship but once they see how much I earn and how much I spend on crap like concerts and cd's, they're going to tell me to f*ck off Bah... Need to save instead of requesting a scholarship someone else might actually need.........
  3. My parents sent to me to some preschool where they only taught english... So I knew how to write and read in english before learning how to do it in spanish... Thanks to that I had to repeat two years of school to learn how to do it in spanish Also, my grandma lived in the US as a kid so she was really fluent in english and I sorta paid attention to her accent and all while growing up... Her family was from Germany so she knew a bit of it too but I was never able to learn it Had some french classes on highschool but the teacher was lazy and spent most of her time teaching us dirty words
  4. I've only noticed anna doing it Would be confusing to use names instead of relations when talking about non mt'ers... Barely can keep track with our usernames
  5. About $500 on a leather jacket... And I used to say I didn't like leather First and last I'll ever buy though
  6. I've been anxious this week cause I've heard several stories about the abuse of power over those who are helpless... Some lady wanting to send an old man to jail for a small dent on her car... Some man wanting to take half a lady's paycheck for months to pay for something she accidentally broke while cleaning... An innocent kid sent to jail... And so on... Seriously, WHO THE FUCK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?!?! And then stories of corruption even closer... Hate this world sometimes... Needs healing... Like when you find bugs in your apartment...
  7. Yeah I'm allergic too That's why almost everything I have is made of silver I'm sick of it though Want to but different stuff but I haven't found anything I like
  8. Ánimo =) Mis mejores deseos!!
  9. Have a lot of silver crap but I usually wear the same few things over and over... got this necklace but I barely have an excuse to wear it Think I wore it just once... Then the chain broke and they did a shitty job repairing it Don't feel like buying anything from that brand again (except for a chesire necklace I got later XD )
  10. I hate that song Prog rock for me sir
  11. Awful indeed Think you don't need jewelry with that kind of clothes If anything some small earrings perhaps
  12. Mine's a holiday so I never got to celebrate it at school Didn't like that when I was little but loved it as I grew older Then a few years ago they came up with a system to switch days off for holidays and I have to work on my bd
  13. Hehe think I was in elementary the last time I had a party when people would get me presents Used to have big parties on my bd with lots of alcohol during highschool and university They were sort of a tradition Then I just stopped And during the last years I've just spent my bd with my family Perhaps next year I can try a big party 33 feels like a funny number
  14. Is Yes classic rock? I like the early stuff
  15. I can't be on during the day cause of work... And when I come at night it's pretty slooooooow
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