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  1. This thread is lovely I don't know anything about music :'(
  2. http://tomoweneames.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/secret-cinema-boiler-suits-radioheads.html?m=1
  3. The people close to the stage and the one who would be trampled (is that the word?) cause I'm sure everyone would run and all
  4. agreed If it wasn't for the helmet cam imagery I wouldn't like that song much
  5. I like them all Not sure if those would be the right divisions though... But then again, don't think there is a "right" option here...
  6. Would have said so on the DAS announcement
  7. Yup... Probably part if the crew that were getting everything ready for them to go on stage
  8. Scary At least it didn't happen with all the crowd and the band there
  9. Lucky bastards! (those at bonnaroo)
  10. I'd say the whole band's Dunno why but they feel really calm
  11. Let's wait for those jack white news then...
  12. The crowd behaves sooooo nicely Wish it had been like that here in mexico
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