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  1. This is still the best Idioteque cover:
  2. This is fantastic! P.S. They've been using that same reverb effect with reckoner for most of their shows, I think.
  3. OH MY GOD. BEST SETLIST EVER. JEEZ. And I don't know WHAT you guys are talking about in regards to the crowd, they were FANTASTIC. Everyone around me was having a great time. Sure there were some people there that obviously aren't fans, but they got into it immediately! These 2 soccermom-ish ladies in front of me were chatting up a storm before the show, so I was worried that would continue into Radiohead's set. They have season seats or something. Anyways, they were dancing and screaming the whole time. I thought it was funny. Frankly, I'm more happy with them in the seats than some die-hard Radiohead fans, because they obviously just made 2 new fans. During Cymbal Rush, Thom had to start over because he forgot how the song went. I thought that was funny too.
  4. Okay. I give up. Tried both presales, nothing. Tried the general sale, nothing. I guess I'm off to eBay in the next few months? -__- This happened with the Greek concerts in LA too.
  5. Guys, I might be wrong but I think P1-4 refers to the Pool Circle....not Sections P1-3 near the rear of the amphitheater. That would make sense since "a portion of them" will be pit tickets... But I really don't know. I doubt it's the P sections near the rear though, since there's no P4, and I've never heard of pre-sale tickets, not to mention through waste, that are that far back. I also highly doubt that P1-4 refers to the promenades. Surely the tickets aren't that randomly scattered throughout the amphitheater. Regardless, you guys are lucky. I still don't have tickets :[ I'm hoping to get a garden box through general sale, hopefully your guys' tickets don't include those seats heheh
  6. I like Radiohead. I like Starbucks. I R WINNAR!!!11:yeah:
  7. Yay, I live in Southern California and I received mine this afternoon.
  8. Oh, yeah that's pretty cool.
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