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  1. Yeah, it's a good time to start up again. What kind of camera are you using?
  2. : O Irene, those are beautiful. The SF ones make me very happy. I can spot the Embarc from a mile away.
  3. Signed in to say that I really love most of the photography in this thread. I've already seen Liz's and Sail's latest on Tumblr, I'm really impressed with the shots.
  4. Still fairly bitter that I ended up not going. Thanks for the videos.
  5. They're definitely up to something. I hope it comes out sooooon. ELL PEE EIGHT!
  6. Stoned and drunk and listening to Dollars & Cents. I can't even describe the sexual magic it holds over me right now.
  7. I had a dream that Thom was doing a secret show in SoCal and unless you found a certain key you couldn't go. My friend drove me down there, I found the key and saw the show (which was behind a chain link fence at some auto shop) with an ex-boyfriend. Thom waved at me and things were gravy until some fools shot at me and I tried to beat some up. Shit got crazy and I got stuck in SoCal.
  8. YES thank you Though, HTTT is in my top 3. FUCK haterzzzz.
  9. Seriously considering putting that one in the "name one thing that made you smile today" thread. SO cute.
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