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  1. im also willing to sell my soul for a GA ticket to this show if anyone has another ;___;
  2. Did anyone manage to get tickets? or if any of you have been to one of the tapings before, do you have any advice on getting in? I reALLY REALLY really want to be there but idk if waiting outside all day will even give me a chance. pls halp
  3. hahha no i totally am but perhaps ill stop creepin and start postin again :}
  4. im enarkos!! havent posted in a long time but i still lurk the picture thread on a regular basis :3
  5. ohhh i thought the deadline was today i will work on one tonight then, and see what happens !!
  6. i wish i had seen this earlier :[[
  7. oh man karma police too. i've been listeneing to that a whole lot all of the sudden
  8. the tourist meeting in the aisle feeling pulled apart by horses (not the new one)
  9. enough for me too. i think i will do this
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