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  1. their ending songs have always been great, cept mebe the tourist cause the lyrics seem so forced. here's hoping for the finale to be the greatest
  2. seems like a downer song to trip to, until the climax where you're head explodes from the contrast ENERGIZE man
  3. thom. also nigel. love the three guitars blending and centrifuging and merging and trying to pick each one out in a song.
  4. it's killing me how i can't remember what song this is from. i can sing what melody this is in just can't remember the lyrics that come before, cause i know this is at the end of the song. thinking you and whose army but not sure if it's right. last verse of wolf at the door. no one can undress your elliptical caress don't look into your eyes cause your desperately in love in love in love...
  5. are you being sarcastic cause doesn't he sing in falsetto creep? i'm not being sarcastic. from the one jeff buckley song i listened to (can't remember title but one of his biggest hits apparently) i think his voice is/was better than thom's but his song-writing not so much.
  6. i think skip divided lyrics are the best thom's ever written, besides there there, how to disappear completely, and bodysnatchers. by the way httt is awesome plz don't hate httt
  7. knives out and 2+2=5 aren't exactly baby-material. whoever listens to that is gonna grow up really cynical haha.
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