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  1. the slow/reversed whatever voice at the end of the song. based of lipreading it seems to me like he's saying 'we'll all be fine'
  2. Regardless they've confirmed this one is in the album and not burn the witch.
  4. gotta be an album announcement today
  5. It's really stupid to tour before an album. I wanna sing along Thom!
  6. The closer we get to Friday evening, the more likely I feel like we won't get any news.
  7. Unless you bought one ticket and the other person will go in with you. Only the buyer has to provide ID.
  8. P.sure I'm alone in the I hate WIEAYB club though.
  9. That's correct. Quickest way to find out new radiohead news is the radiohead Reddit. Although anything that comes up there gets reposted here so I guess it makes no difference.
  10. I feel like that would be a really dumb move. This week or gtfo radiohead
  11. every id holder gets a plus1 i believe
  12. on the day they came out tried to get one in the morning, absolutely no luck and I had three ticket websites open at 8:50. Was moping around all day at work all miserable like, kept refreshing the page in denial and one came up. It was intense.
  13. if u get 28th lets have pre show drinks hot stuff
  14. lol the idea anyone can prefer where i end and you begin over 2+2
  15. According to my friend at work the stage at roundhouse couldn't hold a band plus an orchestra so it's more like gunna be a quartet or something.
  16. Lol did box say 2+2 sucks did I read that right?
  17. Holy shit I forgot how big the ir/tkol gap was.
  18. Man the worst ppl are IR noobs those guys are just mainstream noob dummies.
  19. well you better find it cuz this i gotta see
  20. Yeah really am in love with this track. Gets all my radiohead juices goin. GUNNA CUM
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